Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Review: Deception’s Bride by Jane Toombs

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Deception’s Bride
Written by Jane Toombs
Published by Books We Love Ltd.
Historical Romance
156 Pages

Deception's Bride-Book Synopsis

In America, English Donella survives the Indian attack that kills her widowed father by hiding in a rowboat under her father's green cloak. She's taken in by a Dutch family who rescues her, returning with them to Holland. Here she briefly meets an English cavalier who tries to speak to her. Hans, however, drags her away. The family emigrates to Formosa, taking her with them. Here, their son, Hans, who she doesn’t like at all, tricks her into marrying him.

Before the marriage can be consummated, Chinese pirates attack the island. She's rescued from both Hans and the pirates by the cavalier, now dressed as a common seaman and his American Indian friend, also a seaman. Further adventures include her falling in love with the cavalier/seaman as they trek through Formosa. But her troubles are far from over.

Review of Deception's Bride by Jane Toombs
Set against the backdrop of Dutch-Colonial America, at a time when savagery and war with the natives sparked legends, mysteries and heroes, Deception’s Bride takes you on a wild and extraordinary journey through history.  Wrought with villainy, treachery and subterfuge, Donella’s young life is a myriad of loss, hopes, desperation and dreams as she’s plunged from one life altering situation to another.  Rife with espionage, piracy, thievery and devilry – the high seas and wilds of the jungle show Donella a different side of herself and the meaning of love.
Beautifully written with exquisite detail, each scene is sharp and consuming. The scents and sounds fall around you slowly, at first, like the coming monsoon. And, before you know it you’re deeply entrenched in the lush, rich world of color Ms. Toombs has penned, and the encompassing emotions of her characters.
Deception’s Bride by Jane Toombs is the reason we love historical romances. This is one journey through history you won’t soon forget.

~Reviewed by Author K.A. M’Lady~

 K.A. M’Lady writes fantasy, paranormal, gothic erotica, and poetry. She is the author of 13 novellas, 5 novels, 4 anthologies and 2 poetry chapbooks as well as multiple poetry publications.  For more information on her Best Selling Poetry book and Anthology or her dark fantasy series Realm and Faith Savage – Demon Huntress look her up on the web at 


  1. I don't read lots of historical, but when I do, this is the type of books that grabs my attention.

    "Deception's bride" just landed on my TBR list.


  2. Hi J.S.~

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I'm sold on Deception's Bride as well. In fact, I'm reading it this weekend.

    Maybe you can, too, because I have a surprise for you.

    You just won a door prize! To claim, go to Amazon and choose any two books from Jane's list. Then, come back here and list the two books you'd like to receive. We'll send them to you.


  3. I like the seaman aspect and that he has an Indian friend, especially since it was an Indian attack that took her father. I would pick up this book to find out what happens and perhaps she finds peace and maybe even love with the American Indian friend. Sounds like an intriguing read :)