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Tonya Ramagos is a best-selling author of contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and cowboy novels. She also writes old west novels under her pen name Bonnie Parker. She spends most of her time in a fictional world dreaming up hot hunks and head-strong heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. Anything from legal and military non-fiction to any genre of romance can be found on her Kindle. Her music tastes are just as varied with favorite artists ranging from Billy Currington to Disturbed. Her idea of relaxing is curling up on the sofa or her back deck with a book and her favorite beverage. Born and raised in Pascagoula, MS, she is now a resident of Chattanooga, TN where she lives with her boyfriend and their five children.


Upcoming Releases

Chelsea's Rescue [The Service Club 5] coming January 28, 2013 to Siren-Bookstrand
Current Bookshelf 

Her Dominant Saviors (MFM)

Hands on Justice (MFM)

 Dangerous Kisses (MF)

Taken By Surprise 
Sexual Games (MF) 
Powerful Moves (MF)  

Going Under (MMM)

Double In

Tonya’s Favorite Title

Taken By Surprise

Why Taken by Surprise stands out above the rest

Taken BySurprise is book 7 of The Heroes of Silver Springs series available at Siren-BookStrand. The hero, Michael Cosmos, and heroine, Rhonda Ramsey, were first introduced into the series in book 3, Stormy Nights. They played minor subplot roles in books 4, 5, and 6 and snagged a big piece of my heart through their journey to their happy ending. Set in both Cambodia and Silver Springs, MS, Taken By Surprise is the most action-packed book of the series so far. I'm often asked which of my characters have the most of me in their personalities. My answer is always Rhonda. She came into my imagination at a time when I was struggling with some of the same issues she goes through in books 3-7. We traveled the road together and, miraculously found happiness with a new love at almost the same time, too.

 Featured Title for Tonya Ramagos

Going Under (MMM)

Available December 24, 2012 at Siren-BookStrand
Blurb or Tagline for Featured Title

For a man who vowed never to fall in love, how can it be possible FBI agent Cameron Stone managed to fall twice? Hot on the trail of a missing fellow agent, Cameron finds himself in Silver Springs, hometown of DEA agent Adrien Bingham and Firefighter Thaddeus Carter, and the last place Cameron needs to be. When emotions run wild and attraction explodes, can the self-proclaimed playboy hold onto his resistance?

Adrien never intended to fall for Cameron. Too bad his heart wouldn’t listen. Then Thaddeus walked into his life and his heart ended up on a train wreck of confusion.

Thaddeus knew Adrien’s heart already belonged to someone, but that didn’t stop his pursuit. When he meets Cameron, he realizes the man is the one standing in his way. But when his own attraction to Cameron detonates, he’s left in a hell of a mess.
Excerpt for Featured Title 

He hadn’t spent as many nights on the phone with Cameron as he knew Adrien had over the years, but the nights that he had since he had returned to Waterston coupled with the memories of actually being with Cameron had been enough to etch a place in Thaddeus’s mind and heart.

“He might, but…”
“But?” Thaddeus prompted when Adrien trailed off.
Adrien made a face. “I don’t know what I would say, what I should say?”
Thaddeus angled his head. “Because you still want both of us?”
“Yes.” Adrien threw his head back and made a sound of part lunacy and part mystification. “God, it’s crazy, but yes.”
“What makes it crazy is that I understand.” The moment he had met Cameron, the instant he had realized that Cameron was the other man in Adrien’s life, he had understood. He had immediately comprehended why Adrien had been so fucked up over Cameron the last couple of years, especially when, in the end, Thaddeus found himself in the same awkward position.
“Because you feel it, too. You want it, too. Don’t you?”
“Yeah.” Thaddeus moved his hand from Adrien’s shoulder, danced his fingertips along the side of Adrien’s neck, and cupped Adrien’s nape. “I love you.” Adrien’s quick intake of breath didn’t surprise him. He had felt that way for a long time, had even admitted it to Cameron, but he had never said the words to Adrien. “But there’s something about Cameron. I don’t know. I can’t explain it, but he pulls at my heartstrings, too, just like I know he’s always done with you. The question is, what do we do about it?”
Adrien swallowed, his gaze dropping to Thaddeus’s mouth. Thaddeus pressed his body against Adrien’s and barely kept himself from closing his eyes as the sensation of Adrien’s solid warmth invaded his system.
“I don’t know.” Adrien’s breath fanned Thaddeus’s mouth as he dipped his head down, stopping his lips a scant inch from Thaddeus’s. “Every time I think I do, something changes.”
Thaddeus couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t stop. He kissed Adrien, the lightest brush of his lips to Adrien’s at first. Then Adrien’s lips parted on a sigh and Thaddeus took it for the invitation he hoped it was. He slipped his tongue inside Adrien’s mouth, tangled it with Adrien’s, and, God, this was what he had been craving for so very long.
Adrien’s hands slid around Thaddeus’s waist, wrapped around his back, and he pulled Thaddeus so tightly against him even oxygen had trouble getting between them. Adrien angled his head, taking the kiss deeper, and Thaddeus lost himself in Adrien’s taste, in the euphoria of being in the man’s arms again.
“Geezus, I’ve missed this,” Adrien confessed as he wrenched his mouth from Thaddeus’s. “Holding you, kissing you, being with you.”
Making love to you? Say it, Adrien. Jesus God, please let him say it.
If he did, there was no way Thaddeus would be able to walk away from him tonight until they made love. As he stared into Adrien’s eyes, he knew the other man was thinking it. He felt Adrien’s rigid cock pressing insistently against his lower gut, felt the desire to continue what they had just started pumping off Adrien in waves of heated torment.
“I’ve missed it, too,” Thaddeus whispered. “Let’s not go so long from now on, okay. Unless you decide Cam is the only one you want to be with.”
Adrien rested his forehead against Thaddeus and didn’t say anything for several long heartbeats. “Nothing will happen tonight. I want you to know that. Nothing will happen between me and Cameron when I get home.”
“Maybe it should.” Thaddeus couldn’t believe what he was saying. Except, the suggestion seemed to make a super weird kind of sense. It felt oddly right.
“Are you telling me to go home and fuck Cameron tonight?” Sheer disbelief rang in Adrien’s tone.
Thaddeus wouldn’t have put it that crudely. Make love to Cameron would have been his word choice. He didn’t know for certain that Adrien was in love with Cameron, but he knew the other man’s feelings for Cameron ran pretty deep. Hell, his own feelings for Cameron teetered on the edge of falling head over tennis shoes for Cameron and he already knew he loved Adrien.
“I’m telling you to go with what feels right when you get home.” Thaddeus toyed with the back of Adrien’s hair as he spoke, loving the way the silky strands glided through his fingers. “If he’s still awake, talk to him, tell him whatever you want and see where it goes. You’ve had sex with me. To the best of my knowledge, you never have with Cameron.”
“I haven’t.”
“Maybe you should, babe.” Thaddeus lifted a shoulder. “Maybe it will help to sort things out in your head.”
“And you would be okay with that?” Adrien sounded baffled. “Not saying I will, but you would be okay with knowing that you have spent the last three plus hours getting me all hot and bothered and then sent me home to have sex with another man.”
“Not just any other man. Cameron. The man who has us both in knots.” Thaddeus pointed out. “You’ve already said, in so many words, that you aren’t planning on going home with me.”
“I could never do that to you, have sex with Cameron after being here with you tonight.” Adrien’s eyes filled with so much sincerity, so much love that Thaddeus found it hard to keep up the conversation.
“I’m just telling you that if you do, I’m fine with it. I’ll be jealous as shit,” he added quickly, brightly, trying to lighten the mood. “But I’m okay with it.”
“Jealous of whom? Me? Or Cameron?”
“God, baby.” Thaddeus chuckled. “You really know how to ask the mother of all questions, don’t you?”
Adrien lips unfolded in a smile that was both amused and understanding. “You don’t have to answer. I already know.”

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