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Featured Guest: Sabrina Devonshire and The Open Water Swimmer

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Presents

A Special Presentation for eXtasy Books author Sabrina Devonshire

Written by Sabrina Devonshire
Published by eXtasy Books
Cover Art by Carmen Waters
Contemporary Erotic Romantic Suspense
187 Pages

The Open Water Swimmer

The Open Water Swimmer—book synopsis from eXtasy Books

The elite swimmer Dana’s destined to fall in love with is also destined to die. Can she change his fate?
When children’s mystery writer Dana Thomas has recurring nightmares about a swimmer drowning in a race, she aims to change his fate. Her plan to remain objective makes a serious splashdown when she meets her “mission”, a towering blue-eyed man with the best cut set of pectorals she’s ever seen. Going incognito as a feeding station volunteer for FINA World Cup series raced, Dana travels to Greece, Portugal, Honduras, and Tunisia to try to protect him. When heat between the pair sizzles, Dana falls hopelessly in love with this man destined to die.

Elite swimmer and former Navy fighter pilot Jeff Dickson keeps dreaming he’s drowning. Recently dumped by his long-time girlfriend, who found him too competitive, Jeff believes his driven personality and international travel schedule can’t mix with love. When Jeff meets Dana, he’s instantly attracted to her voluptuous and mysterious personality. When Jeff learns she’s been stalking him for weeks at swimming races, he decides she must be psycho.

A series of fateful events before the final race lead Dana to believe her nightmare is about to unfold. Anticipating a dive-in and rescue scenario, Dana is shocked to discover that’s only the beginning. Can she change the fate of the man she loves and survive?

Book Review of The Open Water Swimmer

The Open Water Swimmer by Sabrina Devonshire isn’t your typical sports romance which is one of the reasons I loved this sensational novel. While the sport of open water swimming is definitely well understood by the end of the book, the author clearly put some thought into drawing the reader into her plot by building momentum with the appropriate development of a full-fledged romantic suspense.

A delightful novel with descriptive language, The Open Water Swimmer was written by an author who not only knows her sport, but also has a strong sense of place which she can convey to her readers with a deft hand. True to the sport and her story, Sabrina nails down the mechanics and vividly describes the events and her setting without sacrificing the budding romance. SabrinaDevonshire delivers a fast-paced romantic suspense while building a fiery chemistry between her hero and heroine, often a real task for writers when they’re writing so much action into a manuscript.

The verbal banter between the characters is often witty and always conveys a natural chemistry destined to win a romance reader's heart. There’s never a dull moment in this Sabrina Devonshire novel.  She takes us by the hand and leads us through a wonderful adventure.  Expect a few bumps along the way because her characters face challenges and all romantic suspense readers will enjoy watching the extreme measures Sabrina’s characters take to overcome them. You’ll enjoy every twist and turn. In the end, you’ll reach a satisfying conclusion that will keep you running back for more from author Sabrina Devonshire!  

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine~

International bestselling eBook author Destiny Blaine loves to read her fellow authors’ books. To find out about her current projects, visit her blog at: For information on her upcoming writer's workshop, visit: 

Featured Guest: Sabrina Devonshire and Message from Viola

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents
A special presentation for invited guest Sabrina Devonshire
Review Written by invited reviewing author Cameron D. James

Written by Sabrina Devonshire
Published by eXtasy Books
Erotic Romance/Soft Science Fiction 
162 Pages

Message from Viola Mari

           Message from Viola Mari  book synopsis from eXtasy Books

The man who makes Marissa crazy is the only man she wants. But it’s a bad time to let lust call the shots when a comet cloud is careening toward Earth and Marissa’s the only one who can save everyone.

World-renowned oceanographer and meteorite specialist Marissa Jones uncovers evidence that a comet cloud will soon destroy Earth. When aspiring writer and her best friend Jennifer begs her to take a Saturday morning sci-fi writing class, Marissa reluctantly agrees. Writing her real-life story as fiction gives her an astonishing new perspective on the anomalous set of craters she discovered off the La Jolla Coast. But this favor for her friend stirs up more than scientific results…writing teacher Justin Lincoln goads her constantly and taunts her with his irresistible curly blond locks and steely physique he knows only too well make women drool. Marissa teeters on the edge of anger and raging attraction for this irritating man. But it’s a terrible time to let lust call the shots when the world’s about to end and Marissa’s the only one who can save everyone.

Book Review of Message from Viola Mari  

Message from Viola Mari was an unexpected romantic sci-fi delight. I should preface by saying I’m a huge sci-fi fan and have become incredibly picky over the years when it comes to the genre. I know what I like in sci-fi and I know what I don’t like—and I have no patience for the stuff I don’t like. So, I was understandably hesitant when I read the blurb for Message from Viola Mari and realized it had sci-fi elements.
As I dove into the book, I was completely taken by the sci-fi aspect. There are craters on the ocean floor that occasionally disappear and reappear later. And people start going missing. Oh and there’s that impending comet, that will end all life on earth. With all of this sci-fi doom that Marissa knows is coming, no one believes her because, well, it sounds ridiculous.  And because she’s a woman.

But, as this is a romance book blog site, you probably know there’s some steamy love and hot sex in there. Author Sabrina Devonshire does not disappoint. Marissa, at the urging of her best friend, signs up for a sci-fi writing class and immediately falls head over heels for her professor. But, being the strong, independent woman that Marissa is, she fights him every step of the way. The sparks that fly between them and the words that are tossed across the room are fun to read and experience.
Marissa is a strong female protagonist that won’t let a man push her around—and during a fight scene later in the book, she kicks some serious ass—so it takes her a while to lower her defenses and let Justin, the professor, in. Their relationship gets off on a bit of a rocky start, but soon thrives. That is, until, well…you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.

Message from Viola Mari was a pleasure to read—a nice blend of romance and science-fiction. It has a quick pace and fun characters that keep the reader flipping pages, and both the romance and sci-fi keep you gripped until you reach the end.

 ~Reviewed by Cameron D. James~

Cameron D. James is an author of gay erotic romance. He loves books, coffee, chocolate, and cute Starbucks baristas. You can find out more about his novel, Autumn Fire, and free short story, Go Deep, on his website, as well as find links to his WordPress, GoodReads, smutty Tumblr, non-smutty Tumblr, and Twitter.

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Book Review: Beyond Fate by Jackie Weger

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents

Written by Jackie Weger
Published by Liquid Silver Books
Contemporary –Sweet Classic Romance
166 Pages 

Some people hurl themselves against life.
Still others lie down and let life have its way over them.”


Beyond Fate—Book Synopsis

Fletcher Maitland, perennial bachelor, falls in lust and love with the beautiful new arrival in Big Mama’s fish camp. All he asks for is a cup of coffee. What he gets is more … much more.

Cleo Anderson lives her life in the shadow of her mother’s sin. As Cleo begins to fall in love with Fletcher Maitland, the demons in her past rise to taunt her, and she must choose between a life lived in guilt and shame or a future beyond fate.

Book Review of Beyond Fate

Beyond Fate by Jackie Weger is a an emotive novel written in such a way that readers everywhere can only consider Weger’s Beyond Fate a literary masterpiece.  Profoundly moving, Beyond Fate has a cast of loveable supporting characters as well as an engaging heroine and charming hero.
Big Mama, Ward, Marilyn, and especially little Katie contribute to this novel with the individual's independent characterization adding great depth to the pages of Weger’s novel.  Even the heroine’s inner voice insists on taking the stage at just the right time and place.
In Beyond Fate, Cleo is camping alone, but not for long. Due to a chance meeting, she is introduced to Fletcher, an eligible bachelor with a newly released book  For Men Only: 101 Ways to Stay Married. The book’s title and fine print command appropriate attention, but Cleo isn’t immediately impressed. Thanks in part to her inner voice and a torrid past, Cleo avoids Fletcher. In fact, she dodges him.
Weger’s hero won’t take no for an answer. He not only pursues Cleo, but he instantly recognizes there is something different about her. In fact, Fletcher soon sees his future with this woman. Cleo, however, isn’t exactly convinced, but she is intrigued. Adding to her interest, Cleo discovers Fletcher is surrounded by supportive friends. At the heart of their family is Katie, a little girl with heartwarming ideas about how she’d like to deal with her own personal challenges.
Jackie Weger’s Beyond Fate is a tender sweet romance that reminds each of us that it only takes one person, perhaps one special moment in time, to turn a person’s life around. In that one second or minute, we’re all believers again and when the time is right, we can embrace the idea of “Romance is what makes the world go around.”
There are so many other underlying lessons to be learned and ideas a reader can cherish locked between the pages of Beyond Fate. As a reader, I held fast to a number of well written lines like: “Maybe he was all he could be; maybe he was locked in” and was drawn to tears on one page while thrust into fits of laughter several paragraphs later.
Jackie Weger’s Beyond Fate is a must-buy for contemporary romance readers. While not an inspirational romance, by genre, this novel is a most inspiring work of art. As always, Jackie Weger has a way of making this writer want to focus on improvements, not just as a writer, but also as a human being. There’s just something special about a Jackie Weger book. Her words warm the soul and soothe the heart.

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine ~

International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling stats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at

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Book Review: Franco's Fortune by Cara Marsi

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents
Redemption, Book Two
Written by Cara Marsi
Published by Carolyn Matkowsky
Romantic Thriller/Suspense
97 Pages

"When a female bodyguard is hired to protect a rich playboy, she finds saving his life is easier than protecting her heart"

Franco's Fortune (Redemption Book 2) By: Cara Marsi
Franco’s Fortune—Book Synopsis

When the past and present collide...

Somebody wants rich playboy Franco Callahan dead. When security expert Josephine Fortune arrives on his doorstep thanks to his sister Doriana, Franco finds it hard to refuse. He's had a secret attraction for the diminutive bodyguard since they met at Doriana's wedding five years before.

But attraction is all it is. Combat boot-clad Jo is not the kind of woman Franco usually loves and leaves. Which makes the ruse that Jo is his new live-in girlfriend just that until Jo gets a makeover. Suddenly seduction is on his mind and Franco has all the time in the world to pursue it—and Jo.

Martial artist Jo can take down men twice her size without blinking, but Franco's appeal outmaneuvers her emotional defenses. Jo's tough exterior hides a dark past, and Franco seems determined to learn her every secret. But he has secrets of his own.

The more Franco gets to know Jo, the more he realizes he needs her in his life, and not as his bodyguard. But as the threats to Franco escalate, Jo must use every one of her combat skills to protect him.

Can Jo keep both Franco and her heart safe, or will they pay the ultimate price for love?

Book Review of Franco’s Fortune

From the start, readers are tossed right into the action in Cara Marsi’s Franco’s Fortune. Page after page of intense drama, thrills, and excitement await the reader who craves suspense in an enduring love story. Fans of romantic thrillers will find Marsi’s books stocked with edgy action destined to hold and keep their attention.

In Franco’s Fortune, Jo Fortune is hired to protect playboy Franco Callahan. From the start, the chemistry between Franco and Jo sizzles off the pages, but the hangar of danger looming over our heroine and hero is always clear and evident.

Even though Jo Fortune can’t deny her attraction to the wealthy businessman, she knows his type and she doesn’t fit his stereotypical mold. Franco Callahan has a reputation for breaking hearts along the way and Jo doesn’t have the first inclination to add to his list of conquests. Desperate to keep business and pleasure separate, Jo finds Franco more and more irresistible as the story unfolds.

Assuming the role of his live-in girlfriend only complicates matters, particularly since those around them find it so easy to believe that Jo and Franco are the perfect duo. As the budding intimate relationship blossoms, damning risks are always present,
threatening to tear the couple apart.

Cara Marsi nails down another captivating novella
with strong characters and an engaging plot.
Verbal sparring ignites the flames of passion long
before the hero and heroine give into their carnal desires.
This talented author instills an insatiable urge in her audience.
Read one Cara Marsi title and you'll quickly become a fan. 
Cara Marsi books deliver each and every time.  

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine ~

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Short Story Review: Beyond Forever by M.W. Davis

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents

Written by M.W. Davis
Published by Champagne Books
21 Pages

“Everyone needs resolution”

Beyond Forever - ebook 
Beyond Forever—Book Synopsis Provided by the Publisher

Hanna’s organized life has been fractured by one mistake, one incredible night with a stranger, and now her world has descended into unbearable solitude. Days burning sunlight in a mind numbing haze, nights staring into the black void enveloping her empty bed, until a peculiar man lost within his own shadows, offers a path to resolution. To purge the memories that hound her thoughts and block her return to a normal existence, she must circle back to where it all began.
 Book Review of Beyond Forever

Beyond Forever by M.W. Davis was a surprising treat. Entranced by the vivid imagery throughout, this reader couldn’t wait to read the next line. Beautifully written, Beyond Forever is passionate and romantic yet the intense love scenes aren’t there which made for a refreshing read.

Davis penned an exceptional short story that could stand on its own or lead to an incredible series.
I found the story within the story captivating as I was teleported to The Lodge at Peaks Valley. Readers will pull up a chair as Mrs. Johnson explains the particulars surrounding the heartwarming legend of Peaks Valley while encouraging two young lovers to explore the possibilities discovered by embracing and understanding the past.
Beyond Forever by M.W. Davis is award-winning material.
~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine ~

International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling stats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at

Book Review: Fire of the Wolf by Lori King

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents

The Gray Pack, Book One
Written by Lori King
Published by Siren-Bookstrand
Paranormal Ménage Romance
187 Pages

Fire of the Wolf (MFM) 
Fire of the Wolf—Book Synopsis Provided by the Author

Introverted nurse Caroline Trainor’s apartment burns to the ground, and she is rescued by a sexy fireman. Waking up in the hospital, she finds the delicious fireman and his identical twin brother waiting for her.
Devin and Damon Gray claim that they are alpha leaders of a pack of werewolves, and that she is destined to be their mate. Her logical nature resists this unreal situation, but her body craves their every touch. Struggling with unresolved pain from her past and her need for her own identity, she has no desire to be their house wolf—until another wolf pack’s alpha threatens their lives and relationship with a challenge to the death.
Scared to lose the men she has grown to love like she lost her parents, she runs directly into the arms of the lethal alpha challenger, and the brothers must save her before they all wind up dead.
 Book Review of Fire of the Wolf

Where do you go when your home burns to the ground and you don’t have any family or friends to depend upon? Caroline Trainor doesn’t ask that question because her heroes, two firemen who saved her, already have a solid plan. Caroline will leave the hospital and return home with them.

Damon and Devon Gray never promised Caroline a walk in the woods. Then again, they hadn’t exactly planned on a challenger emerging in the middle of their unfolding storybook romance. When another Alpha threatens the connection these brother share with their mate, Damon and Devon realize they’ll need to 
rely on their instincts in order to save the woman they love.

An excellent paranormal wolf-shapeshifter novel, Fire of the Wolf by Lori King is one for the keeper shelf. A great start to an unfolding series, this ménage paranormal romance is full of white-hot love scenes and snappy dialogue. With a great plot at its center, Fire of the Wolf is certainly one of those novels I’ll buy in print and revisit in the future.

Lori King is a new author to follow at Siren-Bookstrand. Not only will you love Fire of the Wolf, but you’ll also rush right out to buy Book Two: Reflections of the Wolf.

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine ~

International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling stats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at

Book Review: The Mutatio Project by J.A. Garland

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents

Written by J.A. Garland
Published by Burst, A Champagne Books Company
Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
180 Pages

“She is a prize that the Shadows find they just can't resist…”
 The Mutatio Project
The Mutatio Project—Book Synopsis Provided by Publisher

Hiding in plain sight is a skill that Lucia has learned to perfect. Born with extraordinary Otherkind talents that could be considered both a blessing and a curse, Lucia is one of the rare few of her kind, and as such, she is a prize that the Shadows find they just can't resist...
Book Review and Synopsis of The Mutatio Project

Vampire Zeke Walker once worked as a Tracker, hired to pursue and often kill. After a mission gone wrong, he resigned and started his own business. When bounty hunter Loera Keller hires him to protect her sister, Molly, he finds himself over his head in more way than one.
He's strongly attracted to Molly, who now calls herself Lucia, is unsure just who's after her, and his "client" isn't keen on having him watch over her. Lucia mentions her past involvement in a research project with the National Oceanic Administration called The Mutatio Project, where she worked closely with a Dr. Alexiou Papadakis.
Lucia's convoluted past makes it difficult for Zeke to ascertain whether it's her powers, her past or a little of both that put hired killers on her trail. Lucia's a level four shapeshifter with more sophisticated powers than most in her league. As a child, Lucia was sometimes molested by her father's drunken friends. Years later, when her parents were murdered during a home invasion, a man she'd become intimately involved with named Carlos Mendez kept her from being their next victim. Mendez later married another woman, leaving her heartbroken. Zeke denies his attraction to Lucia, feeling he's unworthy of her love while Lucia finds it difficult to trust men in general.

Garland's characters are likeable, believable and easy to relate to. I strongly connected to the predicaments of Zeke and Lucia, particularly their personal vulnerabilities and concerns about becoming involved with the other given their "brokenness." They felt very human, even with their paranormal powers.
The author's voice really shines through in the story. She has an unusual way of describing people and their emotions, which really worked for me.
The secondary characters, such as Carlos Mendez, Loera Keller, Dr. Papadakis, and Devin, had intriguing personalities that really added extra dimension to the story. The plot is full of twists and turns, which I loved. There was only one scene I partially predicted, but the outcome was much more complex than I expected. I am always drawn to a real page turner with strong romantic elements and this book delivered both to the fullest. The Mutatio Project was exciting, fast-paced and romantic.
~Reviewed by Sabrina Devonshire ~

Exotic romantic adventure novelist Sabrina Devonshire has published two novels with Extasy Books; THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER and MESSAGE FROM VIOLA MARI. Her romantic adventures series, LOVE IN THE LABYRINTHS will be released in July. Sabrina, also a fitness expert and nationally ranked competitive swimmer, writes dozens of articles annually for national magazines. Her passion for the water, outdoor adventure and exotic travel come alive in her books. You can connect with her online at or

Short Story Review: One Too Many by Arlene Knowell

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents

An Aphrodite’s Island Short Story
Written by Arlene Knowell
Published by Carnal Passions, A Champagne Books Company
Contemporary Erotic Romance
38 Pages

 “Once a fantasy has started, it cannot be stopped.” 

One Too Many  
One Too Many—Book Synopsis Provided by Publisher

Molly sets out on a weeklong adventure on Aphrodite’s Island, a tropical paradise where fantasies come true. She only wants one thing; a chance with Seth Dailey.
Warned that the fantasy she has might not always be her own, she soon realizes that Seth has a few fantasies of his own. He is a man with a healthy sexual appetite and is willing to push the fantasy adventure to the limit. What will Seth do when he realizes too late that Molly was hoping for a lifetime with him?
As sexual fantasies fulfill, then collide, Molly flees in hopes of salvaging her pride and her heart. Will Seth set aside the rest of his fantasy for an opportunity to love Molly? Will he continue to enjoy the fantasy of every man? Or will he enjoy the best of both worlds and hope to pick up the pieces?
 Book Review of One Too Many

Author Arlene Knowell pulls readers into her setting right from the start and introduces them to Molly, a young woman who has paid for a fantasy vacation at the exclusive Aphrodite’s Island. Molly is less than impressed when she discovers her fantasies may overlap with another guest's desires, but she keeps an open mind and begins her journey.
Seth Daily is the man of Molly's dreams but he isn’t exactly the perfect man, like she may have originally thought. When the sexy romp she imagines turns into a disappointment, Molly is forced to reevaluate her feelings for Seth as much as her Aphrodite’s Island experience.

Author Arlene Knowell writes vivid erotic scenes destined to make most booklovers blush. The author does a good job of holding her reader’s attention, particularly when she mentions a ‘favorite position’ enjoyed by her hero.

Knowell has a knack for describing her setting. By the time readers finish One Too Many, they’ll feel as if they’ve been on an exciting adventure. While fantasies vary somewhat for our heroine and hero, Molly and Seth will come together for a satisfying conclusion. Best of all, Knowell leaves her readers with a gratifying experience and many of us will long for our very own Aphrodite’s Island.

 ~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine ~
International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling stats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at

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Book Review: Logan's Redemption by Cara Marsi

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents

Redemption, Book One
Written by Cara Marsi
Published by Carolyn Matkowsky
Romantic Suspense
287 Pages

Logan’s Redemption—Book Synopsis

Doriana Callahan's life is unraveling. Someone is stalking her and sabotaging her father's company; her teenage son is rebelling; and Logan Tanner is back in town. For sixteen years she's kept an explosive secret from Logan, a secret he soon discovers.

Logan never belonged in Doriana's world, but a long time ago he allowed himself to dream of a future with her, until the awful night he was forced to run. Now he's back and he needs her forgiveness, but first he must forgive himself.

Despite the fact that Doriana kept the existence of his son from him, Logan vows to protect her. He races against time to stop the culprit threatening Doriana and works to forge a bond with his son.

Can the love and passion that still burn between Doriana and Logan overcome old lies and new dangers? The clock is ticking on a second chance at love.

Book Review of Logan’s Redemption

Right away, author Cara Marsi sets the stage for an intriguing romantic suspense in Logan’s Redemption. With loveable characters, an engaging plot, and a few twists along the way, Marsi hit her mark with the first book in her Redemption series.

In Logan’s Redemption, Doriana Callahan has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her assistant is on maternity leave and her replacement is someone who certainly knows a little bit about ‘personal’ assistance.

A man with an agenda, Logan Tanner gains employment with Doriana’s father in their family business. Logan faces his share of personal and professional obstacles, and he quickly discovers he can’t overcome either without first coming to terms with his past.  

Memorable secondary characters play strong roles throughout Logan’s Redemption. Readers will be anxious to revisit them in future books. The author addresses some sensitive subjects while weaving a true romantic tale readers won’t soon forget.   

Logan’s Redemption is another fine example of Marsi’s extraordinary writing. Not one to disappoint, Cara Marsi brings the big guns in Logan’s Redemption. If you love romantic suspense, move this novel to the top of your list!  

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine ~

International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling stats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at