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Book Review: Faith Savage by K.A. M'Lady

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents
Faith Savage, a three-part review presentation
Written by K.A. M’Lady
Published by Mojocastle Press
26 Pages

“I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is….” Albert Camus, quote from Faith Savage Bonus Story: Demon Huntress Faith’s Temptation

Demon Huntress Faith’s Temptation-Book Synopsis
In the beginning, there were those with faith. I wasn't one of them. But a troubled soul can only be tested so often and when God saves you from the darkness because he has plans for you, who are you to say no to the Lord?

My name is Faith Savage, and I hunt demons. It's a job I've been recruited into. My payback from what could have been an eternity of suffering at the hands of the darkness. But what's a poor soul to do when Heaven and Hell change the rules, and all that is and once was angelic decide to test the boundaries of faith and temptation? Who is the soul that truly suffers, and which of God's creatures will end in defeat?

Nothing is certain...especially in war. And when that war involves Angels and the fallen and they bring it to your doorstep, sometimes all you’re left with is your faith.

Author-reviewer: Sharing thoughts on Faith Savage

In the past, I avoided books with any mention of demons. In fact, when K.A. M’Lady first submitted her most recent Faith Savage book for review, I had no intentions whatsoever of reviewing the Faith series myself. K.A. had graciously submitted the entire series so the reviewer for her latest book, Faith Savage: Sinner, would be able to read all the books preceding the seventh installment.

My reasons for choosing not to read the Faith Savage series up until now had nothing to do with the author's books and everything to do with my personal beliefs, not to mention fear. Let’s just say Poltergeist left a lasting impression.

In any event, curiosity killed the cat. No real pun is intended.

The longer these eBooks remained on the desktop, the more I felt compelled to open up the first file. Needless to say, temptation won and I began an incredible journey. Three pages in, and it became obvious. I would not only review Faith Savage Bonus Story: Demon Huntress Faith’s Temptation, but the entire Faith Savage series.

First and foremost, let me say this: K.A. and I are friends. I want to disclose that fact right away. How we remained friends when I’m sure she realized I held an unwarranted fear of reading her books, I’ll never know.

She’s one of a kind. That’s for sure.

With the aforementioned, I can’t tell you how many times I almost bought the series but later decided against it based on my personal beliefs. Still, because I follow K.A. and support her work, I kept reading her posted promotions. The more I saw her books advertised, the more I wanted to pick up the series. In the end, notorious stubbornness prevented the purchase. I was afraid of what I’d find in a ‘demon’ book. If I’d stuck to my guns and refused to read these books because of the ‘demon’ content, I never would’ve grasped the true writing power of K.A. M’Lady.

I’m telling the above story for a reason. I was wrong and almost missed out on a phenomenal series because of misconceptions and prejudgments unfairly placed. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by each Faith Savage installment. In fact, as mentioned before, the entire series will be reviewed.

 K.A. M’Lady made a convincing mark on this reader-author’s booklist. While it isn’t my intent to suggest that all demon hunter books are written in a way that every paranormal reader will appreciate, I will—without reservations or hesitation—recommend K.A. M’Lady’s Faith Savage books to any paranormal reader.

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine~
International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling status at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at

Review of Demon Huntress-Bonus Story-Faith’s Temptation by K.A. M’Lady
Faith Savage, Demon Huntress: Faith's Temptation

Written in first person, Faith Savage Bonus Story: Faith’s Temptation is twenty-six pages long and a wonderful introduction to the Faith Savage series. Published by Mojocastle Press, this novella kicks off an eight-book saga including the bonus story.

In Faith Savage Bonus Story: Faith’s Temptation, we meet Faith Savage, a demon-wrangler clearly under conviction over her career choice and the demands of a challenging job. While delivering a demon to the Anti-Chamber, Faith is sidetracked by a throng of emotions regarding an invitation to keep company with an angel. As if the angst of her upcoming date isn’t enough, a three-headed demon complicates her day by a lurid suggestion, too. Right away we can see the battle of good and evil take form.

Vivid descriptions and an unusual setting leave readers on the edge of their seats as author K.A. M’Lady sets the groundwork for a memorable paranormal series.
After reading the first of Faith Savage’s stories, it’s clear my previous hesitancy was pointless. I can’t wait to read Demon Huntress: Glow. 

Faith Savage, Demon Huntress: Faith's TemptationFaith Savage: Book 1 - GlowFaith Savage: Book 2 - Fear No Evil
Faith Savage: Book 3 - TransgressionsFaith Savage: Book 5 - The Ash CollectorFaith Savage: Book 6 - Wicked's KissFaith Savage: Book 7- Sinner

Book 1 – Glow
Written by K.A. M’Lady
Published by Mojocastle Press
29 Pages

Faith Savage: Book 1 - Glow

Faith Savage Book One: Glow-Book Synopsis
Longer than time, eternal angelic wars have been fought throughout the Heavens -- God's mighty warriors vying for supremacy over Lucifer and his brethren's fall from grace.

Today that war continues, spreading among God's chosen.

My name is Faith Savage, I hunt Demons. I have been to the edge of reason. Spoken with evil and walked the corridors of Hell's dark paths.

To survive the darkness, I made a deal with an angel. But my decision may cost me the one thing most precious to me...

My soul.
Review of Faith Savage Book One: Glow by K.A. M’Lady

Seduced by a demon with angelic characteristics, Faith Savage makes a deal with the devil in an effort to save a young woman who is unable to help herself. Realizing she’s made a detrimental error, Faith fears the consequences will destroy her soul. She grants the demon a chance to gain fundamental control over her every desire and realizes the damages may be too great to overcome.

Once again K.A. M’Lady wows her readers with eloquent writing as Faith Savage’s tale unfolds. M’Lady’s analogies are brilliant. I found myself scrambling for pen and paper so I could write down several lines and put them away for safekeeping. 

The author sets up her scenes with skill and forethought, careful to ensure readers are taken on a satisfying journey. Not only have did I read this installment twice, for review purposes, but I also found Faith Savage: Glow was enjoyed more the second time around.

The battle between wrong and right continues in Faith Savage: Glow and while the pending war unfolds, you’ll find yourself lost in a well written story. Glow will make readers consider the light and darkness surrounding each of us. A mesmerizing novella and a must-read for all paranormal fans.


~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine~

Point of View in Romance Books – What’s the Point?

Written by Adriana Kraft

Point of View in Romance Books – What’s the Point?
~Written by Adriana Kraft~
We authors hear a lot about “point of view” in romance books – do you ever wonder what’s the point of it all? How did it get started, anyway, and why bother paying attention to it?
It wasn’t always so. In the era of Jane Austen – regarded by many as a founder of what we now know as romance books – authors could insert themselves into the story, could convey information to the reader that none of the characters could know, and generally could write from what is known as the “omniscient” perspective.
Fast forward to the contemporary romance novel, any time in the last half century: Romance books are now primarily written in what is known as “third person limited” point of view. In any given scene or chapter, the story is being told from a specific character’s perspective. Readers are in that character’s “head” for the duration of the scene, and can only be told what that character could know and observe, would think, or would experience.
Typically, in standard romance books, readers are allowed to experience two such perspectives: the hero and the heroine. The point of this limitation is to help readers identify with the characters. As readers, when we spend a lengthy scene feeling what the heroine feels, seeing what she sees, understanding what she’s thinking and immersing ourselves in her moment-by-moment lived experience, we want to be her. Our engagement in the story is deepened and we find ourselves pulled to turn the page, and the next, and the next.
Longer novels and more complex plots may give us more than the standard two points of view, but the principle of increasing reader involvement with the characters remains: one scene, one point of view/perspective. Readers have come to expect this. They want to know whose thoughts and feelings they’re being asked to experience. This helps them stay grounded in the story.
This means several things for authors. First, we must decide whose perspective best tells the story or scene. Typically, we’ll want to select the character who is most impacted by what’s going on. Sometimes we’ll have other reasons, perhaps to keep variety in P.O.V., or to provide the reader with information only a particular character would know.
Second, we must establish that perspective in a manner easy for the reader to follow. Near the beginning of each new scene, we’ll want to be sure to convey what our P.O.V. character is feeling or thinking, and not just the facts of what they’re observing.
Then comes the tough part. We have to stick to it – we have to avoid the dreaded “head hopping,” until the scene is over and we can switch to a different character’s point of view.
How do we do this? We don’t say or reveal anything our P.O.V. character couldn’t know. For example, our character cannot know what is going on in another character’s head – what they’re thinking, or feeling, or deciding. Our character can only observe expressions and make deductions about the thoughts of others.
But there’s more. We don’t convey anything our character wouldn’t be thinking, even if it’s something we know they know. Sure, we’d love to let the reader know that our heroine’s eyes, which she felt widen when she was startled, are green and sparkling. But she won’t be having that thought, not when she’s newly startled, and if we want the reader to know that, we have to wait for a scene in another character’s point of view and have that character observe it.
If we succeed in all of the above, we’ll be dropping our romance book readers into ever fuller opportunities to experience the lives of our characters, in all their depth and nuanced detail.

About Author Adriana Kraft:

Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a happily married pair of hopeless romantics who love to read and write hot sex. By day, we’re serious academics with backgrounds in social science and human services. At night? Possibilities seem endless and we love coming out to play. Our erotic romance novels celebrate more than consensual mind-blowing sex—we feature strong story lines, heroes and heroines you’ll fall in love with, passion and profound connectedness.

Our specialty is bisexual heroines. Our stories lift up the dilemmas faced by women who deeply want it both ways, but won’t be denied the right to commitment, true love and a happy ending, sometimes with more than one special partner. While that may sound serious, it also permits us to get into swinging, voyeurism and ménage, great opportunities for being playful. It’s rather challenging at times to describe all the possible entanglements.

AnticipationHook UpsA Tempting TasteComplexitiesThe Adventure ContinuesWho's The Coach?
Dare to AdventurePushing the LimitsToo Close for ComfortWriting SkinThrough the MirrorThe Diary
Sheila's PrenupsSanta's BossReturn to Purgatory PointMistress of Purgatory PointFull CircleColors of the Night

Visit Adriana Kraft on the web or shop for her bestselling books at eXtasy Books

Book Review: Deception’s Bride by Jane Toombs

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors is Proud to Present Our First Reviews

Deception’s Bride
Written by Jane Toombs
Published by Books We Love Ltd.
Historical Romance
156 Pages

Deception's Bride-Book Synopsis

In America, English Donella survives the Indian attack that kills her widowed father by hiding in a rowboat under her father's green cloak. She's taken in by a Dutch family who rescues her, returning with them to Holland. Here she briefly meets an English cavalier who tries to speak to her. Hans, however, drags her away. The family emigrates to Formosa, taking her with them. Here, their son, Hans, who she doesn’t like at all, tricks her into marrying him.

Before the marriage can be consummated, Chinese pirates attack the island. She's rescued from both Hans and the pirates by the cavalier, now dressed as a common seaman and his American Indian friend, also a seaman. Further adventures include her falling in love with the cavalier/seaman as they trek through Formosa. But her troubles are far from over.

Review of Deception's Bride by Jane Toombs
Set against the backdrop of Dutch-Colonial America, at a time when savagery and war with the natives sparked legends, mysteries and heroes, Deception’s Bride takes you on a wild and extraordinary journey through history.  Wrought with villainy, treachery and subterfuge, Donella’s young life is a myriad of loss, hopes, desperation and dreams as she’s plunged from one life altering situation to another.  Rife with espionage, piracy, thievery and devilry – the high seas and wilds of the jungle show Donella a different side of herself and the meaning of love.
Beautifully written with exquisite detail, each scene is sharp and consuming. The scents and sounds fall around you slowly, at first, like the coming monsoon. And, before you know it you’re deeply entrenched in the lush, rich world of color Ms. Toombs has penned, and the encompassing emotions of her characters.
Deception’s Bride by Jane Toombs is the reason we love historical romances. This is one journey through history you won’t soon forget.

~Reviewed by Author K.A. M’Lady~

 K.A. M’Lady writes fantasy, paranormal, gothic erotica, and poetry. She is the author of 13 novellas, 5 novels, 4 anthologies and 2 poetry chapbooks as well as multiple poetry publications.  For more information on her Best Selling Poetry book and Anthology or her dark fantasy series Realm and Faith Savage – Demon Huntress look her up on the web at 

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