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Book Review:Date with a Dom by Rebecca Deslisle

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Written by Rebecca Deslisle
Published by Carnal Passions
18 Pages

 “Her orgasms belonged to Master. So she
cleared her mind, thought of her favorite sitcom, news article, or
whatever came to mind. She’d even gone so far as to recite
Shakespeare to fill her time while she waited. There was nothing
orgasmic about Shakespeare….”

Date With A Dom

Date with a Dom—Book Synopsis from Website

When Carlene goes out for dinner with her Master, she has no idea how the evening will end. She doesn’t count on dropping dishes onto the floor of an upscale restaurant, and certainly doesn’t expect the delicious punishment to follow.

Book Review of Date with a Dom

In Date with a Dom, author Rebecca Deslisle takes her readers on a quick journey into the tantalizing world of Domination and submission. She sets a good pace throughout the short story and readers will find a titillating scene behind a closed and locked public facility.  

Normally, I wouldn’t pick up a short story because I tend to always want more and can’t fairly give a good assessment of a short story when that’s the case. However, in Date with a Dom, the author does a wonderful job of developing her plot and bringing about a satisfying conclusion in a short period of time. In fact, I will look for more short works from Rebecca Deslisle in the future.

If you’re looking for a quick BDSM read, I recommend Rebecca Deslisle's Date with a Dom. Available now at Carnal Passions, a Champagne Books Company.  

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine~
International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling status at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web by visiting or

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Book Review: Scion's Freedom by J. Annas Walker

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Written by J. Annas Walker
Published by Siren-Bookstrand
 Erotic Paranormal Romance
142 Pages


Scion’s Freedom—Book Synopsis

As the Scion of the House of Dracul, vampire princess Cassy Daniels just wants a simple, royal-free life in New Atlanta. It’s been thirty years since The Fall, when the world’s economy collapsed. Although supernatural creatures are helping to rebuild society, Cassy remains in hiding to avoid an arranged marriage.

When her journalist bodyguard and best friend, Erica, is assassinated, she flees for her life with the help of Detective David Ashe. He’s reluctant at first. She used him a few weeks prior. However, she’s the sole survivor of a serial killing and his only lead. Something about David is magnetic and Cassy falls for him hard.

Can they find Erica’s killer before he finds them? Can David forgive her past enough to love her? Can the Council of Crones, a coven of elder witches, provide more insight as to who is hunting Cassy and why? Will she survive the assassination attempts and still hold on to the man she loves?

Book Review of Scion’s Freedom

J. Annas Walker has masterfully created a world that is set years in the future, after the world as we know it has collapsed and rebuilt itself. Magical creatures are no longer just in story books. They have integrated into society, and have become as every day to humans as a coffee pot or a television. As we read we are immersed in a new society of werewolves, fairies, sprites, and vampires coexisting with their human counterparts. I have to say that my favorite part of this book was this new fairytale world that Ms. Walker created. It allows the reader to escape from the everyday into the pages of the book.

As for the rest of the story, Scion's Freedom was rated Scorching for a reason! There was an instant attraction between Cassy and David that was both believable and intriguing. Their chemistry jumped off of the page, and wrapped around me drawing me deeper into the story. A vampire princess who resists her birthright, isn’t an uncommon storyline, however Ms.Walker turned it into something new and unusual with the depth of her storytelling skills. She has created the beginnings of a promising new world of stories that I hope she continues, as I would love to see more of these characters.

If you enjoy a book with romance, suspense, intrigue, and a bit of magic then I would highly recommend Scion’s Freedom. The twists in the plot surprised and delighted me, and occasionally I even found myself laughing out loud at the characters. Well done Ms.Walker.

Reviewed by Lori King

Bestselling author Lori King writes multiple genres of Erotic Romance exclusively for Siren-Bookstrand. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Facebook at


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Book Review: Brother’s Keeper by Elizabeth Finn

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Written by Elizabeth Finn
Published by Liquid Silver Books
150 Pages

Brother’s Keeper- Book Synopsis 

When Rowan is awarded a ballet scholarship to Michigan State University during her senior year of high school, her life’s dream is finally realized. Having lost her mother at an early age and being subjected to the abuse of a destitute drunken father, she has known unimaginable loss and heartache and been left wanting for a better life—a life now within her grasp. But with one ill-fated phone call, her life is turned upside down.

Logan is Rowan's best friend’s older brother whose career is taking off as he prepares to graduate law school and move cross-country to the prestigious law firm that has offered him a very lucrative contract. When Rowan finds herself at Logan’s mercy after he inadvertently learns of the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her father, their lives become intertwined in a way neither ever imagined nor wanted.

In an effort to protect her, but with his own hands tied by her unwillingness to report the abuse, Logan strikes a deal requiring Rowan to stay with him whenever there is a chance her father might be on a drunken binge—which is often. For her agreement and cooperation, he will keep her secret. Soon, their time together weighs on them both, and they find themselves constantly tempted to step outside the bounds of their supposed platonic relationship. But there is no point. The devastating fact of the matter is their lives are moving in opposite directions—a relationship destined to die before it even has a chance to live.

The ever present clock plagues them both as it ticks off the days until they are parted. But one all important question remains—after he leaves, how will he protect her from a father intent on hating her until the day he dies … or the day he kills her?
Book Review of Brother’s Keeper

Ever have a secret that hurts too much to share?  One that makes you feel weak and humble, scared and insecure?  Ever know a person that makes that all go away?
Brother’s Keeper by author, Elizabeth Finn was one of the most moving, poignant, and exceptionally well written stories I’ve read in a long time.  Rowan’s childhood has shaped her and the person she feels she’s become is not the woman Logan discovers, yearns for, and desires to protect with his every breath.  With an inner strength he finds captivating, an innocence that overrides his better judgments and derails the well-laid plans he thinks his life should take Logan finds Rowan’s quiet beauty and passion are more than capable of destroying his control for propriety.  But love was never supposed to be part of the equation.  And in a story rife with unlikely heroes, secrets, heartaches, new and passionate discoveries, author, Elizabeth Finn shows us the journey is just as meaningful, amazingly hopeful, difficult and inspiring as the voyage to this incredible story’s end.

 ~Reviewed by K.A. M’Lady~

K.A. M’Lady is the author of the ARe bestselling Anthology, Just Another Paranormal Christmas and the ARe bestselling Poetry book, Ramshackle Castle ~ Bent Poetry & Other Altered Verse.  To walk on the darker side check out her Faith Savage Demon Huntress series or wander in her Realm.  Look her up on the web at,

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Book Review: Vampire Nuptials by Gabriella Bradley

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Part 2 in our Two-Part Presentation of Gabriella Bradley’s Royal Vampires
Book Four
Written by Gabriella Bradley 
Published by eXtasy Books
Paranormal Romance w/Shapeshifters and Vampires
92 Pages

This book is part of a serialized series. The series begins with Book One, A Royal Vampire

Vampire Nuptials 

Vampire Nuptials - Book Synopsis

Will Joshua and Katarina finally tie the knot? Will they live happily ever after? Or, will the harbingers of evil wreak the havoc they so sorely want?

 Joshua is about to wed the love of his life, the wizardess Katarina Goddard. Of course their special day doesn’t go strictly as planned, and the honeymoon, no matter how well guarded a secret it is, couldn’t go easily for the newlyweds. They have enemies, vampires, werewolves, and a wizard that won’t rest until they’ve destroyed the king and his new bride. Will they succeed?


Book Review of Vampire Nuptials
Can’t a couple have some peace after their wedding? It doesn’t look that way, not even close.
Vampire Nuptials follows the adventure between Joshua and Katarina after they get married. Many tactics are used by the old king and his Sorcerer Pollum. These activities test both Joshua and now Katarina as well. She is often weakened from her sorcery but works well with Joshua in preventing evil on their honeymoon, on their island and during the Christmas season. Joshua hears Paul’s thoughts and fights alongside Katarina to squash the evil-doings in their community.
Joshua looks forward to celebrating Christmas with Katarina’s family, something he’s never had before. He learns holiday protocol and how to balance family with being a wealthy king. The love shared between he and Katarina is made stronger in sharing their upcoming actions together. She educates him along the way about her family’s way of celebration and her family opens their house to him. After the battle is complete, Joshua still feels insecure about their future.
This book, Vampire Nuptials continues to thrill the reader. It is a great continuation of the series. Gabriella Bradley weaves action and compassion within the story. Her characters are fully developed and the continuation of Katarina’s character creates a whole new aspect to the story. Joshua’s innocence is shown more in this book which continues to develop the character. The protagonists keep the story fresh and moving along. Each time, just when you think you have everything figured out within the story, Ms. Bradley creates a twist and turn to keep you on the edge of your seat. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help but keep turning the pages and finish the book. This has been the best book of the series.  I can’t wait to read the next book, Retaliation!

   ~Reviewed by Jodie Pierce~

Author Jodie Pierce is known for her work in paranormal romance. Writing vampire romances, Jodie is well known for her acclaimed books The Vampire Queen and The Vampire Chronicles.

Book Review: Revelations by Gabriella Bradley

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Part 2 in our Two-Part Presentation of Gabriella Bradley’s Royal Vampires
Book Three
Written by Gabriella Bradley

Published by eXtasy Books
Paranormal Romance
124 Pages

This book is part of a serialized series. The series begins with Book One, A Royal Vampire


Revelations - Book Synopsis

It is time to reveal the truth. Will Katarina be able to deal with Johsua's deceit? Will she walk away, or will she forgive him?    

Book Review of Revelations

Revelations is a great battle between love, good and evil and with the twists and turns, who will win?
In Revelations, Joshua becomes very protective of his beloved Katarina, his future wife. She has been moved into the castle with guards constantly to chaperon her. He learns of Paul’s followers under his employment and terminates their services. He takes all precautions to keep her safe.  Upon learning she is a Sorceress, she starts classes with the local Sorcerer as an Apprentice. She has no inclinations of the limit to her powers so she and Joshua can learn these things together. Their love continues to grow and they look forward to their wedding.
Upon an evening outing, Joshua learns of Paul’s new home which is almost completed, the allegiance of the werewolves and a coven of witches that perform human sacrifices. He continues to strive to protect human life from these predators as his alter ego.
During this third installment of Gabriella Bradley’s series, the author continues to develop different aspects of Joshua. She forms his personality as a person, a lover and a king. Ms. Bradley pursues the beautiful Katarina who is developing in her own way. Gabriella Bradley follows the love between Joshua and Katarina and makes the reader root for them and long to see them married. She draws the reader into the story by incorporating many different things that are paranormal giving something for everyone within the genre. I am really excited to see where this series progresses. I can’t wait to read her fourth installment, Vampire Nuptials where the saga continues.

   ~Reviewed by Jodie Pierce~

Author Jodie Pierce is known for her work in paranormal romance. Writing vampire romances, Jodie is well known for her acclaimed books The Vampire Queen and The Vampire Chronicles.

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Book Review: Timothy by Gabriella Bradley

Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors Proudly Presents

A Two-Part Presentation of Gabriella Bradley’s Royal Vampires
Written by Gabriella Bradley
Published by eXtasy Books
Paranormal Ménage
117 Pages

This book is part of a serialized series. Reading Book One, A Royal Vampire, is advised prior to reading Timothy, Book Two.


Timothy- Book Synopsis

Joshua continues his masquerade as Timothy in order to have the freedom he's so longed for. On his first date with Katarina, he knows he's met his soul mate and the woman who will reign by his side as his queen.

    Now in turmoil, he struggles with the knowledge he'll have to tell Katarina that Timothy is a disguise, that he's really Joshua the king and a vampire. Fear of losing her makes him hesitate to tell her the truth so he continues the deception...

    But Joshua has no choice. Eventually he has to tell Katarina who he really is. Will she forgive him for his deceit? Can she accept that he's a vampire? 

Book Review of Timothy


In the sequel to A Royal Vampire, Timothy starts to explore the relationship between Joshua/Tim and Katarina. Joshua and Katarina both know they are in love with each other, even though they only just met. Joshua continues to disguise himself but hates weaving the lies he’s told. Eventually, he meets her as the King and she immediately feels the same connection she felt for Tim. She is torn between the two men but also feels like she should do her commoner duty in obeying the King’s orders of spending time with him. She is conflicted but doesn’t know if she likes him because he’s a King and every girl dreams of being a princess or if she’s truly attracted to him.
Joshua meets with Han, Katarina’s father, also the new scientist that replaced Derek. Joshua secretly comes clean with Hans and asks his permission to continue dating his daughter. He is hesitant but offers his support and agrees to find the old Derek’s research. Joshua asks Hans to continue Derek’s research to find a cure for vampires and werewolves that plague the woods at night and are human by day. He agrees and sets out to find a copy of Derek’s research.
Tim continues to dodge Katarina during the day and sometimes during the evening, stating he has to work late. She comes clean to him that the King has taken interest in her. He encourages her to explore her options with him, making her question his feelings for her. Though she continues to see the King, she becomes more and more conflicted.
The King finds out the castle has a stable and goes on a riding expedition with the stable keeper. He comes across a small area where all the workers of the castle live and sees the horrible conditions in which they are living. He makes plans to have things updated when he sees them using a well for water and plans new housing for them. He comes across an old church that he feels a connection to. He is informed that it used to be the Royal Chapel but since King Paul took the throne, he never came around so the church fell to shambles. He made immediate plans to renovate the old church. This is the place he decides to tell Katarina the truth.

Joshua/Tim takes her there on a horse ride picnic as the King. After having a lovely lunch, they explore the church and find a large, old book and agree to take it to the old sorcerer that Joshua met briefly. When Joshua tells Katarina most of the truth, leaving out he’s a vampire, she hates him for his deception, rides back to the castle in silence and jumps in the limo to return home in sobs. Joshua listens to her silent voices and finds how much she really hates him. He calls Hans to speak with her who later tries to reason with her. Will Katarina forgive him? Will Joshua lose the love of his life? Where has Paul and his evil plans been? 
I really enjoyed the depth of the characters created by Gabriella Bradley. The intimate emotions portrayed between Timothy and Katarina were heartbreaking in the end. Keep reading Gabriella Bradley’s Royal Vampires for more excellent story telling!

   ~Reviewed by Jodie Pierce~
Author Jodie Pierce is known for her work in paranormal romance. Writing vampire romances, Jodie is well known for her acclaimed books The Vampire Queen and The Vampire Chronicles.

Book Review: A Royal Vampire by Gabriella Bradley

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A Two-Part Presentation of Gabriella Bradley’s Royal Vampires
Written by Gabriella Bradley
Published by eXtasy Books
Paranormal Ménage
120 Pages

A Royal Vampire 

A Royal Vampire- Book Synopsis

After twenty-four years in captivity, Joshua must suddenly take on the task for which he was created and trained. Taking on the role of king is no mean task, though Joshua doesn’t care. He will finally have the freedom he so longed for all his life. Paul, his nemesis, tells him how much he hates Joshua but can’t destroy him.

Paul’s insane jealousy and hatred causes him to change his mind and send Joshua’s throne tumbling. He decides to turn most of the population with the help of his army of vampires and recapture his royal title.

    Joshua finds himself entangled in a web of deceit, murder and witchcraft. His biggest secret, that he has inherited the vampire gene from his nemesis, must remain so. Vowing he’ll rid the island of murdering vampires and werewolves, he devises a plan to escape the castle and freely roam the city and forests without fear of recognition and exposure.

    Much to his surprise, he meets the woman he’s seen so many times in his dreams.
Unsure of himself, wondering if she is really his soulmate or if the feelings he has for her are caused because he’s never been with a woman, he makes plans to date Katarina Goddard.

Book Review of A Royal Vampire


A Royal Vampire is a great paranormal novella between an aging vampire King Paul the Third and a male “grown” heir, Joshua,  to the throne. The young King had DNA taken from the King and his dead Queen who had her DNA frozen. The King ordered to have a son “grown” through science to be a mortal and the vampire gene irradiated from him. Joshua grew up in a science building with the best tutors, guards and the regular scientific studies. Derek, the scientist, created a fully fledged human and at twenty-four years old, he introduced him to the King. Immediately, Joshua can hear all of the Kings evil thoughts which were full of hatred for him. He was, however, the only option for Paul to keep his cousin and his three sons from taking over the throne. The King, since vampires don’t age, started wearing makeup around age fifty to make him look older. He introduces Joshua to the little island where they live and steps down as King.
The old King Paul kills everyone involved with the “growth” of his heir. When the young King meets his “father”, he immediately learns he can hear thoughts. Paul fakes his death while on his ride to his country house, killing his guards but escaping safely into the night. He visits a local facial surgery doctor and has his face altered so he can move around during the nightly hours without anyone recognizing him. Joshua finds Paul is not the only vampire around and there have been many deaths in the local area so locals usually stay in at night or travel in packs.
Joshua knows exactly how to rule the island based on his upbringings and Paul’s thoughts. Paul is moved to the royal quarters in the castle and learns of a secret passage that leads to outside of the castle. He starts regularly escaping to the beach and swims in the water at night alone. One day he decided to explore further than the beach and found a small town nearby. He was afraid of being recognized so he arranges with the Minister of Finance to create an offshore account for him giving him a credit card and cash. He takes a makeup class, does his own makeup and ventures into the local bar. He is immediately befriended under his new identity and starts to uncomfortably mingle with his friends as he’s never been in this situation before. In walks the most beautiful woman Joshua has ever seen and he feels an immediate connection with her but wonders if it’s only because he’s never seen another woman let alone been close to one. He reads her thoughts and finds out she feels the connection between them as well. They dance and talk and he sees her to her car while promising to see her again.
When he returns to the bar, Paul and his minions enter the bar and have attracted three very, “easy” women. Joshua is very concerned and follows them into the ladies room and pays them off to leave. Joshua saves several people from becoming dinner for some of the other vampires.
The story ends with Paul in handcuffs from a bar brawl that Joshua created by punching Paul, whom didn’t know it was Joshua either. Joshua is easily aroused by Katarina and “takes care of himself” before drifting off to sleep by watching her in his mind.
Gabriella Bradley weaves a great beginning of a series of novellas. She really creates such a world that makes the reader want to be there themselves within the story. She has fully developed the main characters quickly in this first edition.
Gabriella Bradley makes her characters personable and has the reader expressing their specific emotions for each character. Her ability to suck the reader into her world is an excellent talent.

A Royal Vampire was interesting from beginning to end and was very hard to put down. I was so vested in the characters that I longed to see what more happened within the story. I can’t wait for the next edition! What will happen between Joshua/Tim with Katarina? Will Joshua/Tim be able to live the double life? What will happen between Joshua and Paul? Are Paul’s evil plans enough to conquer the throne for himself again? What an exciting journey from inception to concealment...this story takes you on a whirlwind of events.
~Reviewed by Jodie Pierce~
Author Jodie Pierce is known for her work in paranormal romance. Writing vampire romances, Jodie is well known for her acclaimed books The Vampire Queen and The Vampire Chronicles.

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Good Morning and Welcome Back to Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors
Last week,  Author J. Annas Walker reviewed The Samsara Chronicles by authors Gabriella Bradley and Diana Kemp.  If you devour science fiction and fantasy novels, you don’t want to miss The Samsara Chronicles, published by Devine Destinies and available in novel format and in serialized novellas for a dollar!
Gabriella Bradley fans, be sure to check out the review written by author JC Szot for Gabriella Bradley’s Savage Lust. JC read Savage Lust in one afternoon and left high praise for Gabriella’s western ménage. Finally, I had the pleasure of reading Gabriella’s wonderful romance, Whispering Ice. A top-shelf keeper, Whispering Ice is a brilliant romance with twists and turns you’ll never see coming.
This week the Gabriella Bradley book fest continues! Author Jodie Pierce reviewed several of Gabriella’s paranormals, but I won’t give away any spoilers. You'll have to wait and read Jodie's reviews!
In the meantime, take a minute to view our archives and recent reviews. We have a great selection of talent showcasing their work here. Visit author Clair de Lune’s author showcase page, check out Elizabeth Finn’s novel The Devil’s Pawn, and read Adriana Kraft’s article on point of view.
Today, I’d like to extend a special invitation to you as well. It’s a tad off-subject but believe me, you’ll understand after you meet my latest blog guest. I had the opportunity to interview Garren James of Cowboys for Angels and trust me ladies, you don’t want to miss this exciting interview!  
As always, thank you for stopping by and for sharing your time with us. Reviews are on the way later today!

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Book Review: The Samsara Chronicles, Book Two by Gabriella Bradley and Diana Kemp

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Published by Devine Destinies
Futuristic, Fantasy, Soft Science-Fiction
468 Pages

 The Samsara Chronicles - Book 2

Dylan, Aislinn and the chosen humans arrive on Nirvana but now the pair faces another alien threat, this time to their homeworld.

Aislinn and Dylan’s joyous homecoming to Nirvana is tempered by yet another crisis. Aliens, assisted by a traitorous member of Nirvanan security and a threat to the royal bloodline, have kidnapped Aislinn’s parents and hold them hostage on the dying world of Klatria. Aislinn and Dylan now face the task of rescuing them before they are killed.

Just as in Book 1, The Samsara Chronicles Book 2 paints a picture in words. Aislynn and Dylan have arrived back home to Nirvana. The sweeping vistas are described in enough detail to make the alien world feel more like home. Nirvana welcomes its returning Princess, her consort, and the Earthlings worthy of rescue with open arms.
This ideally beautiful haven isn’t as carefree as it would seem on the surface. In her absence, Aislynn’s parents, the King and Queen of Nirvana, have been captured by the Klatrians, with the help of an insider. It is now up to Aislynn to reconcile the ancient past with the present in hopes of preserving the future of both Nirvana and Earth. In fighting to save her parents and their home world, she finds faith, hope, and love are conquering forces when combined with courage and grit.
Here, again, is a sensual mainstream romance blending science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal. A good balance had been struck between plot and romance.  There are a number of twists and turns to keep the story moving right along. Just when you think something is wrapping up a little soon, something new comes to light. The ending sets up yet another adventure for Aislynn and Dylan. Next stop, Earth!  As with Book 1, the relationship with our hero and heroine is sensual but still good for a variety of audience members. There are no worries if the kids look over your shoulder or snoop through your e-reader. Whether you are looking for a romance, a piece of science fiction, or both, this book will satisfy. I look forward to the third installment.

~Reviewed by J. Annas Walker ~

J. Annas Walker has two romance novels published with Siren-BookStrand. Her author page can be viewed at and can be found on Facebook at Follow along on Twitter, for updates.

*The Samsara Chronicles are also available for a dollar, serialized*