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About the Author

Born in South Yorkshire in England, Clair has lived in SW Scotland with her husband and family for many years. She has a grown up family and four grandchildren. When she is not writing she loves to read erotic romance, BDSM, Science Fiction amongst other things. She loves to sew and appliqué is her current passion. Talking books and Heavy Metal music play a large part in her life. She is just your average grandma.


Current Bookshelf  

Initiation (MF) Master Eric

FionaLearning to Live with Her Master (MF)

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 Reconciliation (MF)

Llewellyn, of the dragon tattoo, left Gloria five years ago to repay a debt of honour.
Will she have him back?
Making its debut on November 28, 2012

Catriona's Golden Angel 
Mistress Catriona has found the love of her life but will they be allowed to live together in peace?
 My Kinbaku fantasy in this one!
Don’t miss this new release on December 12, 2012

Also coming soon to Siren-Bookstrand from author Clair de Lune

The Cairngorm Dragon Series

Dragon's Mate releases on January 9, 2012
Ness's Bane releases on January 23, 2012

Clair's Favorite Title  

Initiation (MF)

Why Initiation stands out above the rest 
The one that stands out has to be Initiation. It is my very first published book, and, as such, it will always be special to me. The heroine, Jane is in her early sixties. Most of the erotic novels I have read are about beautiful, young people. I wanted to write a BDSM novel about people of my own age, who are not "past everything except tea and Quadrille", to quote my favourite author. Master Angus is a loving Dominant who understands Jane's insecurities, and helps her overcome them. Almost all the heroes and heroines of the later books make appearances in this first episode of Prometheus in Chains, the BDSM club in Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, where I was born.

Featured Title for Clair de Lune
Initiation (MF)
Blurb for Featured Title 
A recently widowed grandmother, Jane Browne never dreamed she'd find a new love when she went on an exploratory visit to Prometheus, an exclusive BDSM club. She has to overcome the burden of low self-esteem and physical difficulties as well as the hostility and prejudice of a rejected rival for her Master's affections, the striking Scot who wooed her with his soft Gaelic words of love.

Excerpt for Featured Title

“Will you come in for a cup of tea, Master Angus?”
“No,” he said, “rain is forecast for this afternoon, so we must get on while it’s fine.”
So saying, he took her keys and, when she had collected her bag and waterproof, he locked the door and helped her into the car. He drove in silence in the city until they began to take country roads.
“I want to take this time together outside the club to clear up a number of things,” he said, and her heart sank. This was it. He had seen she was getting too close to him, and he was going to remind her that he would have finished with her soon. She sat frozen, her hands clasped on her lap, biting her lips and trying not to cry or let him know she was upset. She looked out of the window but saw nothing through the tears that clouded her eyes.
Why had she thought there might be more? She knew he did not take subs. She had been warned, and still she had let herself hope and feel, and now she had no one to blame but herself. It was good that he was going to tell her while they were alone so she would not disgrace herself or him in the club, and it was thoughtful of him not to tell her in her own home, where the memory would always haunt her. She sank her nails into her palms trying to regain control of herself. She would not beg!
“Do not worry, mo run,” he said. He could sense all was not right with her, but he had to keep his eyes on the road.
Hell, he thought. “What now?”
Ten minutes later, they entered a pretty village. A stream ran through the middle of it and bisected the village green. Wooden picnic tables with attached benches were scattered over the grass, and a paved area was set aside for parking. The air was clean and pure, and even though it was fairly cold the sun shone for the present. It was early in the year for a picnic, and the daffodils the area was famed for were no longer in bloom so there were not many people visiting the area. Consequently, the car park was almost empty and none of the tables were in use. A few weeks ago, when the daffodils were all in full bloom, the parking area would have been full to overflowing with people eager to see the spring flowers.
He helped her out of the car, but she kept her head down and did not look about her. He chose a table close to the car and arranged rugs on the benches as she waited passively for the axe to fall.
He put the large wicker basket on top of the bench and pulled out a red-and-white checked tablecloth, arranging a bottle and two glasses on it.
“Sparkling apple juice. I hope you like it.” He frowned when she did not look up or reply. “Sit down, Jane. I have some things to say, and I want you to listen then I will answer your questions. Ten years ago I lost my wife to cancer. She was my slave. I had never wanted that sort of D/s relationship but anything less made her so unhappy I went along with it. It was very hard work for me and a strain to be all she wanted me to be. I have a business to run and found it difficult to make every decision for her, what she wore, what she ate and when, et cetera. When she wanted to continue all through her illness and tried to force me to spank her and more, I could not bring myself to do that to someone as ill as she was.
“Consequently, when she died, we were not on the best of terms to put it mildly. I was devastated and felt guilty. I felt I had let her down.”
Jane’s hand stole across the table. She laid it over his hands, which were so tightly clasped together the knuckles showed white.
“I swore never to be in that position again. Until now I have never taken a sub to train or done more than play a scene at the club from time to time. Now I find I want more than that. You asked what a Dom wants from a sub and no doubt got the stock answer. I am going to tell you what I want from a sub. I will not have a slave. I do expect complete submission in the bedroom and in the club and also when we are alone. I am a dominant male and will want to have a say in all areas of my sub’s life, but I will not choose her friends or her clothes. But I will expect her to take my views into account. Many things can be discussed and agreement reached, but if I give an order I will have instant obedience or there will be consequences. Now ask your questions.”
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I am on and off Facebook all day. No particular hours, but bear in mind the time difference from 5 -8 hours for the USA depending on where you live, 12 hours for NZ and Australia.
I answer all emails and Facebook contacts. If you want to chat just let me know and I will do my best to be on there. Please not in the middle of the night over here. Google if unsure of the difference.