Sunday, October 29, 2017

Welcome Back! Paying Markets and More!

Welcome back to Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors! 

Exciting RELAUNCH of Romantic Reviews Submitted by Authors
Reserve your quarterly ad space now for the exciting relaunch AND gain 3+ months of Pinterest and Twitter promotions! 

2018 will be YOUR year for budget advertising with ongoing promotions, paid writing opportunities, and so much more!  


All spaces are up for grabs and will be rotated for fair and equal placement. Reserve your spot now. We sell quarterly ads and promote all authors/covers on various Twitter and Pinterest sites. At the end of each quarter, advertisers will receive an advertising report. 

Send your cover art image to with 4-10 tweets. We can't rewrite them so please make sure your tweets meet the standard 140-character limits.

Cover art guidelines:

No nudity. No exceptions. We reserve the right to decline any submission based on curb appeal. Erotic romance is fine as long as the cover is a tasteful presentation of the work represented.

~Our quarterly ads are placed as follows with January ads placed within 5 days of receipt as we kick off our new promotions in 2018~(Send now and we'll post within five days and your cover ad will run until March 31, 2018!)

January 1st
April 1st
July 1st
October 1st

Price for front page placement: 

$50 per cover per quarter (Up to 7 weeks additional promotional time depending on when payment is received)

$120 per banner per quarter (Up to 7 weeks additional promotional time depending on when payment & cover are received) First come, first served. Time stamp used. Email before making payment. Current banner is sample only for placement purposes.

*You send us your banner and we use Blogger's "shrink to fit" option to size*

Review disclaimer:

We aren’t paid to review books. Authors or their representatives provide a free copy of each reviewed book. Reviewing writers are encouraged to only mention the positive aspects of the book for this particular site. With the aforementioned, authors still run the risk of having their books read without the benefit of a review. If the reviewing author finds he or she cannot post a positive review, he/she will provide the author with a professional critique which will not be posted at Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors. 
We are an affiliate site and often link books to Amazon or other 3rd party sites with affiliate programs.

Review for Us

We already have a library full of options. Let us know if you'll write a review for our site: or submit one of your own.

More Promotional Opportunities! 

Authors, you’re invited to submit your articles, interviews, news, and reviews. If you've recently read an exceptional romance book and would like to showcase your review here, please email us. 

Reviews posted must include the reviewing author's byline. Please read some of the reviews & bylines posted for more information. 

Reviewing and/or advertising for us is an excellent way to gain self-promotion. All reviewers as asked to post at Goodreads and 3rd party retail sites. Past reviews will be added as time permits (Before the 2018 relaunch).

To submit your book for review consideration, email As soon as we have a reviewer for your published book or ARC, you’ll be contacted. 

We pay for content! 

We're a paying market for new and seasoned writers! Below, you’ll find our current calls for submissions. 

Please note: Follow any guidelines listed. Properly formatted submissions, please. See our site for what we expect. You won’t make your first million with us but you might make an extra $15-$50 here or there while gaining excellent publicity. 

Current Call for 2017 Submissions: 

2018--Submission Call for 10/29/2017-11/29/2017
Reading Period--11/29-12/10/2017

"Mini" Romances—Call for sweet holiday romances. Send short stories between 1000-2000 words divided into 2 posts. Include byline with link to your website or blog. Reviewers/bloggers welcome to submit as well. 

Flat fee of $25 paid upon acceptance by Paypal only. Previously published works OK as long as submitting writer owns all rights. 

Submission Call for 2018

Submit  Industry-Related Article

500-750 words on industry-related topics. New work only, please. 

Query idea first, please. We’ll be in touch within 10 business days. We’re looking for well written articles written by industry professionals on publishing topics. This is your opportunity to shine! We promote all articles. 

Payment is $10-$15 upon publication. 

Thank you for your confidence in Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors as we return to the business of promoting our favorite books, authors, and genres. Please tell your friends about us! 

Destiny Blaine 

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