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Book Review: Faith Savage Book Three Transgressions by K.A. M'Lady

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              Faith Savage, a three-part review presentation

Book 3 –Transgressions
Written by K.A. M’Lady
Published by Mojocastle Press
32 Pages

“Without forgiveness, there’s no future….” Desmond Tutu
Quote from Faith Savage, Book Three: Transgressions

Faith Savage: Book 3 - Transgressions

Faith Savage Book Three: Transgressions—Book Synopsis

For the humans, the veil between Heaven and Hell, Light and Darkness, grows thinner with each night's passing. On earth the fallen have spread their dark army far into the city of man. In the shadows, the weary tremble and the weak are overtaken.
For the few who walk the dark mile on the trail of suffering's madness, they alone know the strength of a whispered prayer. Because sometimes, even darkness' wrath and hatred can learn to bow before a spirit's faith.
My name is Faith Savage, I hunt Demons. I know that even the strong and righteous suffer the weight from a world filled with sin. For in the end, it is the true believers who know that a loving God forgives you your transgressions.

Review of Faith Savage Book Three: Transgressions by K.A. M’Lady

Transgressions by K.A. M’Lady stirred an emotional tug-of-war. I wanted to read the unfolding intimate scene between Salvitor and Faith. At the same time, I crossed a few virtual fingers in hopes our heroine would rise up from hell and beat the ever loving “demon goo” out of the supernatural badass.

In the end, Faith Savage didn’t disappoint. She needed a miracle, but what she ultimately found was a God-send, a man from her recent past with trickery of his own to help Faith escape the confines of hell. He also offered insight about the time she’d spent with Salvitor.  Perception is everything and the way Salvitor skillfully deceived Faith made for an interesting plot twist.

A strong female lead is like any strong independent woman. She can overcome obstacles with the right amount of determination behind her. Still, even willful individuals have difficulty ignoring the temptations before them. This story demonstrates a struggle between two supernatural forces. Faith relies on her inner strength to carry her through a hardship, but temporarily fails while the author spins a tale that is most definitely another huge success.

Book Three: Transgressions is another Faith Savage installment. I’m fully invested in this series and won't stop reading until the end is reached.

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine~
International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling status at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at


  1. can you get chills from reading a review? I sooo am. And I wrote the story. Thanks so much, Destiny! You are amazing.

    Always my best ~ K.

  2. Backatcha lady. ;) Faith Savage has been an unforgettable paranormal journey.