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Book Review: Sinner by K.A. M'Lady

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              Faith Savage, a three-part review presentation

Written by K.A. M’Lady
Published by Mojocastle Press
52 Pages

"It was hard to tell, for agony and pain danced in the shadows with darkness and the darkness had a name. Corruption." Taken from Sinner by K.A. M'Lady

Faith Savage Book Seven: Sinner—Book Synopsis

It was written that each soul would have a Guardian. A Warrior of Light to watch over it. Protect it. Be its shield against the darkness, its sword against the fallen. But the days grew dark. Man’s souls darker still. Many turned away from the Light of God, cast aside His word and His love. And the Guardians rebelled.

Some say that this was his second transgression. What led to his ultimate betrayal. Others say that he too was but pawn in God’s glorious manipulation. A means to an end of man’s dark days. One thing is certain, only God knows the truth of his story. Only He knows a soul’s true worth and its fate.
My name is Faith Savage. In this game of good and evil I’ve met the Guardian that God sent me. His story I am just beginning to learn. His history, I am told, has marked him as damned. But, everyone knows Christ died for the sinners. The only question that remains is, could we forgive him if we controlled his fate?
  Review of Faith Savage Book Seven: Sinner by K.A. M’Lady

Faith Savage knows tragedy. She’s been called upon to walk down a trail littered with heartache. She has witnessed the ramifications suffered by those stricken with evil at a young age, a defining time when the innocent are vulnerable and the guidance they seek is rarely found.

Death continues to prey upon Faith as she savagely fights to hold onto her soul while encountering demons living within the helpless bodies damned by possession. To make matters worse, she knows she’s been chosen for the Guff, also known as the Hall of Souls.

Mankind’s continuation may depend upon the strength of Faith Savage, but the demon huntress may not be up for the challenge. Exhausted by her ongoing fight, Faith calls upon Death, reminding the reader of how closely our heroine mirrors the strengths and weaknesses in all of us. Sometimes, those burdened by unexpected challenges are haunted by the lingering temptation of death.
When the end looms in a very dangerous shadow treading softly on a narrow balance beam, one slip can cause the ultimate fall.

K.A. M’Lady’s Faith Savage: Sinner was by far my favorite installment. A scene from Faith’s past forces her to face her buried childhood. As clips from our heroine’s most
horrific moments resurface, the reader betters understands how Faith became
 seduced by the light and imprisoned by darkness.

In the final pages of Faith Savage: Sinner, I couldn’t help but think of James Blunt and his musical masterpiece, No Bravery. Like Blunt often will, author K.A. M’Lady conveyed meaningful passages, too.
The reader must simply know where to look for them.
A paranormal phenomena, Faith Savage hits the high notes straight across the board.

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine~
International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling status at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at

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  1. Destiny - as I wipe away the tears and think on your comparrison I am so completely blown away, emotionally astounded and just simply in awe that you would even categorize my work as such. I am utterly moved and speachless.

    The one thing I set out to do when I wrote these stories was to touch the person who read them in some small way - to make an impact on them as they question what they believe in and what's important in their lives. I simply wanted to write a story that rode the line of horror and paranormal and made you think about how the darkness creeps in and how the light shines despite it. Your reviews have reduced me to tears of gratefullness and humble me.

    I am, and will be forever grateful for your courage to read a story that you feared, for your unending kindness, your friendship and your mentoring in a business that I love with all of my heart. It is because of authors and readers like you that we are allowed to follow our dreams and reach for the stars.

    Blessings to you always ~ K.

    1. Hi K~

      I'm still talking about the Faith Savage series. In fact, I just recommended you to several of my girlfriends when we were together for a basket party.

      Faith Savage is amazing. Paranormal fans should purchase the entire collection as soon as possible.


  2. P.S. We mentor one another. And I thank you for that.

    Love and hugs,