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Book Review: Revelations by Gabriella Bradley

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Part 2 in our Two-Part Presentation of Gabriella Bradley’s Royal Vampires
Book Three
Written by Gabriella Bradley

Published by eXtasy Books
Paranormal Romance
124 Pages

This book is part of a serialized series. The series begins with Book One, A Royal Vampire


Revelations - Book Synopsis

It is time to reveal the truth. Will Katarina be able to deal with Johsua's deceit? Will she walk away, or will she forgive him?    

Book Review of Revelations

Revelations is a great battle between love, good and evil and with the twists and turns, who will win?
In Revelations, Joshua becomes very protective of his beloved Katarina, his future wife. She has been moved into the castle with guards constantly to chaperon her. He learns of Paul’s followers under his employment and terminates their services. He takes all precautions to keep her safe.  Upon learning she is a Sorceress, she starts classes with the local Sorcerer as an Apprentice. She has no inclinations of the limit to her powers so she and Joshua can learn these things together. Their love continues to grow and they look forward to their wedding.
Upon an evening outing, Joshua learns of Paul’s new home which is almost completed, the allegiance of the werewolves and a coven of witches that perform human sacrifices. He continues to strive to protect human life from these predators as his alter ego.
During this third installment of Gabriella Bradley’s series, the author continues to develop different aspects of Joshua. She forms his personality as a person, a lover and a king. Ms. Bradley pursues the beautiful Katarina who is developing in her own way. Gabriella Bradley follows the love between Joshua and Katarina and makes the reader root for them and long to see them married. She draws the reader into the story by incorporating many different things that are paranormal giving something for everyone within the genre. I am really excited to see where this series progresses. I can’t wait to read her fourth installment, Vampire Nuptials where the saga continues.

   ~Reviewed by Jodie Pierce~

Author Jodie Pierce is known for her work in paranormal romance. Writing vampire romances, Jodie is well known for her acclaimed books The Vampire Queen and The Vampire Chronicles.

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