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Book Review: Timothy by Gabriella Bradley

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A Two-Part Presentation of Gabriella Bradley’s Royal Vampires
Written by Gabriella Bradley
Published by eXtasy Books
Paranormal Ménage
117 Pages

This book is part of a serialized series. Reading Book One, A Royal Vampire, is advised prior to reading Timothy, Book Two.


Timothy- Book Synopsis

Joshua continues his masquerade as Timothy in order to have the freedom he's so longed for. On his first date with Katarina, he knows he's met his soul mate and the woman who will reign by his side as his queen.

    Now in turmoil, he struggles with the knowledge he'll have to tell Katarina that Timothy is a disguise, that he's really Joshua the king and a vampire. Fear of losing her makes him hesitate to tell her the truth so he continues the deception...

    But Joshua has no choice. Eventually he has to tell Katarina who he really is. Will she forgive him for his deceit? Can she accept that he's a vampire? 

Book Review of Timothy


In the sequel to A Royal Vampire, Timothy starts to explore the relationship between Joshua/Tim and Katarina. Joshua and Katarina both know they are in love with each other, even though they only just met. Joshua continues to disguise himself but hates weaving the lies he’s told. Eventually, he meets her as the King and she immediately feels the same connection she felt for Tim. She is torn between the two men but also feels like she should do her commoner duty in obeying the King’s orders of spending time with him. She is conflicted but doesn’t know if she likes him because he’s a King and every girl dreams of being a princess or if she’s truly attracted to him.
Joshua meets with Han, Katarina’s father, also the new scientist that replaced Derek. Joshua secretly comes clean with Hans and asks his permission to continue dating his daughter. He is hesitant but offers his support and agrees to find the old Derek’s research. Joshua asks Hans to continue Derek’s research to find a cure for vampires and werewolves that plague the woods at night and are human by day. He agrees and sets out to find a copy of Derek’s research.
Tim continues to dodge Katarina during the day and sometimes during the evening, stating he has to work late. She comes clean to him that the King has taken interest in her. He encourages her to explore her options with him, making her question his feelings for her. Though she continues to see the King, she becomes more and more conflicted.
The King finds out the castle has a stable and goes on a riding expedition with the stable keeper. He comes across a small area where all the workers of the castle live and sees the horrible conditions in which they are living. He makes plans to have things updated when he sees them using a well for water and plans new housing for them. He comes across an old church that he feels a connection to. He is informed that it used to be the Royal Chapel but since King Paul took the throne, he never came around so the church fell to shambles. He made immediate plans to renovate the old church. This is the place he decides to tell Katarina the truth.

Joshua/Tim takes her there on a horse ride picnic as the King. After having a lovely lunch, they explore the church and find a large, old book and agree to take it to the old sorcerer that Joshua met briefly. When Joshua tells Katarina most of the truth, leaving out he’s a vampire, she hates him for his deception, rides back to the castle in silence and jumps in the limo to return home in sobs. Joshua listens to her silent voices and finds how much she really hates him. He calls Hans to speak with her who later tries to reason with her. Will Katarina forgive him? Will Joshua lose the love of his life? Where has Paul and his evil plans been? 
I really enjoyed the depth of the characters created by Gabriella Bradley. The intimate emotions portrayed between Timothy and Katarina were heartbreaking in the end. Keep reading Gabriella Bradley’s Royal Vampires for more excellent story telling!

   ~Reviewed by Jodie Pierce~
Author Jodie Pierce is known for her work in paranormal romance. Writing vampire romances, Jodie is well known for her acclaimed books The Vampire Queen and The Vampire Chronicles.

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