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Book Review: The Mutatio Project by J.A. Garland

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Written by J.A. Garland
Published by Burst, A Champagne Books Company
Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
180 Pages

“She is a prize that the Shadows find they just can't resist…”
 The Mutatio Project
The Mutatio Project—Book Synopsis Provided by Publisher

Hiding in plain sight is a skill that Lucia has learned to perfect. Born with extraordinary Otherkind talents that could be considered both a blessing and a curse, Lucia is one of the rare few of her kind, and as such, she is a prize that the Shadows find they just can't resist...
Book Review and Synopsis of The Mutatio Project

Vampire Zeke Walker once worked as a Tracker, hired to pursue and often kill. After a mission gone wrong, he resigned and started his own business. When bounty hunter Loera Keller hires him to protect her sister, Molly, he finds himself over his head in more way than one.
He's strongly attracted to Molly, who now calls herself Lucia, is unsure just who's after her, and his "client" isn't keen on having him watch over her. Lucia mentions her past involvement in a research project with the National Oceanic Administration called The Mutatio Project, where she worked closely with a Dr. Alexiou Papadakis.
Lucia's convoluted past makes it difficult for Zeke to ascertain whether it's her powers, her past or a little of both that put hired killers on her trail. Lucia's a level four shapeshifter with more sophisticated powers than most in her league. As a child, Lucia was sometimes molested by her father's drunken friends. Years later, when her parents were murdered during a home invasion, a man she'd become intimately involved with named Carlos Mendez kept her from being their next victim. Mendez later married another woman, leaving her heartbroken. Zeke denies his attraction to Lucia, feeling he's unworthy of her love while Lucia finds it difficult to trust men in general.

Garland's characters are likeable, believable and easy to relate to. I strongly connected to the predicaments of Zeke and Lucia, particularly their personal vulnerabilities and concerns about becoming involved with the other given their "brokenness." They felt very human, even with their paranormal powers.
The author's voice really shines through in the story. She has an unusual way of describing people and their emotions, which really worked for me.
The secondary characters, such as Carlos Mendez, Loera Keller, Dr. Papadakis, and Devin, had intriguing personalities that really added extra dimension to the story. The plot is full of twists and turns, which I loved. There was only one scene I partially predicted, but the outcome was much more complex than I expected. I am always drawn to a real page turner with strong romantic elements and this book delivered both to the fullest. The Mutatio Project was exciting, fast-paced and romantic.
~Reviewed by Sabrina Devonshire ~

Exotic romantic adventure novelist Sabrina Devonshire has published two novels with Extasy Books; THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER and MESSAGE FROM VIOLA MARI. Her romantic adventures series, LOVE IN THE LABYRINTHS will be released in July. Sabrina, also a fitness expert and nationally ranked competitive swimmer, writes dozens of articles annually for national magazines. Her passion for the water, outdoor adventure and exotic travel come alive in her books. You can connect with her online at or

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