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Book Review: Franco's Fortune by Cara Marsi

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Redemption, Book Two
Written by Cara Marsi
Published by Carolyn Matkowsky
Romantic Thriller/Suspense
97 Pages

"When a female bodyguard is hired to protect a rich playboy, she finds saving his life is easier than protecting her heart"

Franco's Fortune (Redemption Book 2) By: Cara Marsi
Franco’s Fortune—Book Synopsis

When the past and present collide...

Somebody wants rich playboy Franco Callahan dead. When security expert Josephine Fortune arrives on his doorstep thanks to his sister Doriana, Franco finds it hard to refuse. He's had a secret attraction for the diminutive bodyguard since they met at Doriana's wedding five years before.

But attraction is all it is. Combat boot-clad Jo is not the kind of woman Franco usually loves and leaves. Which makes the ruse that Jo is his new live-in girlfriend just that until Jo gets a makeover. Suddenly seduction is on his mind and Franco has all the time in the world to pursue it—and Jo.

Martial artist Jo can take down men twice her size without blinking, but Franco's appeal outmaneuvers her emotional defenses. Jo's tough exterior hides a dark past, and Franco seems determined to learn her every secret. But he has secrets of his own.

The more Franco gets to know Jo, the more he realizes he needs her in his life, and not as his bodyguard. But as the threats to Franco escalate, Jo must use every one of her combat skills to protect him.

Can Jo keep both Franco and her heart safe, or will they pay the ultimate price for love?

Book Review of Franco’s Fortune

From the start, readers are tossed right into the action in Cara Marsi’s Franco’s Fortune. Page after page of intense drama, thrills, and excitement await the reader who craves suspense in an enduring love story. Fans of romantic thrillers will find Marsi’s books stocked with edgy action destined to hold and keep their attention.

In Franco’s Fortune, Jo Fortune is hired to protect playboy Franco Callahan. From the start, the chemistry between Franco and Jo sizzles off the pages, but the hangar of danger looming over our heroine and hero is always clear and evident.

Even though Jo Fortune can’t deny her attraction to the wealthy businessman, she knows his type and she doesn’t fit his stereotypical mold. Franco Callahan has a reputation for breaking hearts along the way and Jo doesn’t have the first inclination to add to his list of conquests. Desperate to keep business and pleasure separate, Jo finds Franco more and more irresistible as the story unfolds.

Assuming the role of his live-in girlfriend only complicates matters, particularly since those around them find it so easy to believe that Jo and Franco are the perfect duo. As the budding intimate relationship blossoms, damning risks are always present,
threatening to tear the couple apart.

Cara Marsi nails down another captivating novella
with strong characters and an engaging plot.
Verbal sparring ignites the flames of passion long
before the hero and heroine give into their carnal desires.
This talented author instills an insatiable urge in her audience.
Read one Cara Marsi title and you'll quickly become a fan. 
Cara Marsi books deliver each and every time.  

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine ~

International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling stats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at

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  1. Thank you so much for this review. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm thrilled you you like Franco's Fortune.