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Book Review: Backstage Pass by Storm Savage

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Written by Storm Savage
Published by eXtasy Books
       Contemporary Erotic Romance      
63 Pages

"Sax and Mia—two parts of a song like words and music—love finds them
in the least likely place..." Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass 

Backstage Pass—Book Synopsis

Sax and Mia—two parts of a song like words and music—love finds them in the least likely place. Will the music stop when a jealous ex tries to take back what she threw away?

After a tough year following her divorce and the loss of her beloved pet, Mia finally accepts an invitation to a dance at a senior center for a peaceful night out. Over the past few months she has buried herself in work and rarely left the house. What she finds at the dance takes her completely off guard causing her to regret going out at all. A tangled relationship is the last thing she needs.

Charming and modest, Sax wins her over with gentle persistence and she discovers they share more in common than a love for music. Mia loses her backstage pass and fears she’s also lost her man. Somewhat reserved, she feels out of place in his world especially when a jealous ex-wife seems determined to take back what she threw away.
When his ex makes an encore performance during a romantic evening with Mia, can Sax convince his new love that his past is truly behind him or will she run away again?


A steamy contemporary romance, Backstage Pass, follows a chance encounter between Sax and Mia. Sax is a musician that catches Mia’s attention at a concert, and their heat boils over in short work. Mia has suffered loss and heartache that leaves Sax wanting to right the wrongs of her previous relationship. Enter a nasty ex-wife, and you have a recipe for emotional turmoil that threatens their blossoming relationship. This is a story about real people with real pasts that cause real challenges in their very real, albeit very hot, relationship!

One of the most notable details that captured my attention as I read Storm Savage’s Backstage Pass was just how darn quick you can fall in love with these characters. Sax and Mia are written in an exceptionally genuine way. They are decent and morally strong characters that leave you rooting for them from the get go. Their heat is intense and when you couple that with their incredible authentic likability and honest emotional portrayal, it makes for a book that is easy to invest your heart in.

It is often difficult to build believable chemistry in a shorter story, or I should say, to build the deep emotionally bonded chemistry that you expect to see in longer romance novels. However, Storm manages it beautifully. The pace of Sax’s and Mia’s relationship works in a very honest and natural flow. There is no rush to bed and skip the humanity about this book—though there is plenty of “bed” to keep you turning the pages. Instead you develop a very strong bond and respect for these characters because they have heart, they have spirit, and above all else, they have respect and admiration for one another that translates well. In the end, you get a book that is both arousing and downright hot, and that leaves you feeling like the characters you’re reading deserve the passion and fire they draw from one another.

The fact that she captures her love for animals and music in one incredibly sultry and steamy book makes me a fan! Sax and Mia are relatable, honest characters that really are a celebration of just how passionate good and real love can be. Well done, Storm Savage!

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  1. Thank you so much! This book was a very different work for me and extremely close to my heart. I am thrilled that you enjoyed it and your comments made my day...maybe even my whole week! This is the type of review I like to see regarding my writing. That I could touch you with my story is everything I wanted this book to do :)

    Storm Savage

  2. Congratulations, ladies. Your work shines wherever you are. ;)