Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Review: High Heels & Hexes by Michael Matthews Bingamon

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Published by Breathless Press

90 Pages

High Heels & Hexes 

High Heels & Hexes—Book Synopsis

Naughty witches from Las Vegas must trek across the Mojave to save one of their own from a wicked demon and his brood.
Shelly is a clever, sexy, dark haired beauty from New Zealand, but this talented witch has a gift for trouble. When her sister Caroline is abducted, Shelly and her coven must risk all to save her from the demon that snatched her away. The trio of seductive witches summons a demon of their own for aid and he directs them to a dangerous cambian, half-man half-demon, who resides in Death Valley.
The cambian proves to be a powerful, handsome, and charismatic figure who is most unpredictable. Shelly’s proclivity for trouble drives her wild and she can’t help but to fall for him. However, this inscrutable cambian’s past could spell doom for the coven, along with Shelly’s heart, when it catches up with them in Los Angeles.
Four passionate witches must overcome not only a demon’s wrath, but their own dark desires in this modern day, magical, erotic fantasy. Follow these good natured, yet rambunctious, young women on their adventure of a lifetime. Will these ladies ever need anything besides their High Heels & Hexes?

Witty, charming and highly entertaining, High Heels & Hexes is a craft-filled delight.  With interesting and distinctly unique characters, author Michael Matthews Bingamon keeps the heat cranked up with sultry sex scenes, and enough snarky diatribes to keep wayward demons in line.  Mischievous plot twists abound and magic-filled mayhem follows in this short, but engrossing tale as it casts a spell over you.  A must read for all lovers of the craft.

~Reviewed by Author K.A. M’Lady~

 K.A. M’Lady writes fantasy, paranormal, gothic erotica, and poetry. She is the author of 13 novellas, 5 novels, 4 anthologies and 2 poetry chapbooks as well as multiple poetry publications.  For more information on her Best Selling Poetry book and Anthology or her dark fantasy series Realm and Faith Savage – Demon Huntress look her up on the web at  

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  1. Thanks so much for the review of High Heels & Hexes. ;) Don't you just love the title? :)