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Book Review: Savage Lust by Gabriella Bradley

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Written by Gabriella Bradley
Published by eXtasy Books
Western Ménage Romance
248 Pages

Savage Lust 

Savage Lust- Book Synopsis 
Topaz Fiero is shocked when her mother's long time lover leaves his entire estate in Texas, which she didn't even know he had, to her. Upon arrival at the Douglas ranch, she also discovers John Douglas had three sons, and she's inherited them to go with it.

The Douglas brothers are madder than hell. How dare their father pass in such an untimely fashion, and worse, leave his estate to an unknown woman whom they suspect is probably his mistress. They are ready for battle. No way will they give up their inheritance. When Topaz arrives, they are astonished that she's young enough to be their father's daughter.

Anger is abound and Christmas does not promise to be the pleasant holiday Topaz was so looking forward to--unless she can wiggle her way into the three men's hearts.

Book Review of Savage Lust

This is the first book I've read by Gabriella Bradley and it will not be the last. It's been a while since I've really felt that hook jab into me and grab a hold of my attention. Today, Savage Lust did just that. I was enamored from the start when Topaz was given a large inheritance out of the blue, forced to confront three very disgruntled, handsome ranchers. 
I was particularly taken with how the writer made each of the three men so different. I had a little bit of everything, some rough and tough, some soft and chivalrous as well as the practical and empathetic.  The author also provided the added thread of a little paranormal activity when the father's ghost returns to the ranch to keep his eldest son in line.
I was right on the ranch with Topaz feeling her desire mount yet torn by the practicalities that society often drills into us. The way Miss Bradley stretched the sexual tension kept my nose in my iPad the entire afternoon. The sex was hot and worth waiting for. 
Haven't read Gabriella Bradley yet? After Savage Lust you'll be hungering for more.
   ~Reviewed by JC Szot ~

JC Szot is an erotica romance writer of eight published novels. You can find her on the web at You can view her author page at Find her on Facebook- Justine Cerrigone Szot

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