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Book Review: Whispering Ice by Gabriella Bradley

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Written by Gabriella Bradley
Published by eXtasy Books
Paranormal Ménage
165 Pages

What are the secrets hidden within the walls and cellars of Whispering Ice Manor? What happened to the three brothers who built it?

Whispering Ice

Whispering Ice- Book Synopsis 

 Julie realizes her dream of owning her own place in the country, but when she tells her longtime boyfriend that she bought an old haunted house, he’s not impressed with her purchase of what he calls a dump. Realizing that what she feels for Brian isn’t true love, Julie finally tells him they need to take a break from each other.

The manor was originally built in the eighteen hundreds by three brothers who mysteriously disappeared. Julie is quite intrigued with its history and decides to do more research once she moves in. As an agent for several bestselling authors, she feels there could be a story hiding there that would inspire one of them.

Little does she know what awaits her within the walls of the manor and what she’ll discover in its cellars, or that the Christmas Eve party she’s planned after the renovations are completed, will have the strangest ending!

Book Review of Whispering Ice

In Whispering Ice by Gabriella Bradley, readers gain a good grasp of the heroine’s strong character in the first few pages. Unwilling to continue in a relationship she doesn’t see developing into an everlasting commitment, Julie cuts ties with her boyfriend and plans to start a new life.

Strong and independent, Julie has a lot of work ahead of her when she moves into a mansion in need of repairs. Considered haunted, Whispering Ice Manor harbors its secrets, but as the mysteries unfold, Julie discovers a home with many hidden treasures. She follows a few clues and uncovers a dated unsolved mystery, one destined to bring her face to face with her soul mates.

Whispering Ice was a 'dream read' for this reader. A sensational paranormal novella, Whispering Ice holds incredible suspense elements which further seduced this reader as I sat on the edge of my seat with an e-reader clutched between my hands.

Without giving away spoilers, I’ll write only this—three handsome heroes are thrust back into modern day society and once they enter Whispering Ice by Gabriella Bradley, the reader is absolutely carried away by this spellbinding story.

The author penned a memorable paranormal tale with distinguished men we’d all love to meet and a heroine who knows what she wants and doesn’t mind to voice her demands.
Whispering Ice by Gabriella Bradley is a top shelf keeper and a must-read for those of you who appreciate unexpected and quite brilliant twists.
 I'm off to read another Gabriella Bradley novel. 

~Reviewed by Destiny Blaine~
International bestselling author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres under several pseudonyms. Her pen names have earned bestselling status at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, and All Romance Ebooks. You can find her on the web at or follow her on Twitter at

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