Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
Welcome back to Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors.  I hope this greeting finds each of you enjoying the early days of autumn.  It really is a wonderful time of year here in East Tennessee. The leaves will soon change, leaving us with a beautiful landscape in our backyard. While I’ve always appreciated the view of the rolling hills and distant mountains, this year I’m embracing it more than ever before. For us, this fall represents a season for change.
Last weekend, my husband said goodbye to a thirty plus year career. Now, we’re in a decision-making phase. We had always planned for an eventual move to the coast—particularly North Myrtle Beach—after the kids left the nest. Now with nothing to hold us here in East Tennessee, we’re facing the decision we’d always thought we’d easily make. Do we stay or do we go?
Fact is, I think my husband really wants to go and I'd like to stay, at least for another year or two. I’m finally on a solid writing schedule again. The DH built a cozy writer’s cabin right in my backyard and I’m back to writing over fifty thousand words per week. How long will it last? I don’t know. Still, I find it’s best to stay the course, especially when life is serving up an appetizing dessert with the meal.
I know 'stay the course' has nothing to do with meal planning. Life planning is another beast altogether. Right now, life is good.
Since August 15th, I’ve completed six manuscripts. A few of these manuscripts were incomplete projects that I’ve housed on the desktop for over a year. To add to life pleasures, I’ve read probably twenty books since then.  In short, I have a routine again—and it’s one that suits me—something I haven’t had or kept for longer than a couple of months in recent years.
As an author, it’s an exciting time. We’re making plans to attend and sponsor conventions.  Book signings and workshops are in the pipeline. In other words, this writer is back on track. My focus is razor sharp.
Moving would disrupt my life in ways I can’t even imagine. We have over twenty-two years of life memories here. Oh sure we have friends in Myrtle Beach and the other three areas that now appeal to my husband as well—Las Vegas, Nashville, and St. Augustine—but I’m not sure I want to take time off and start the moving routine of packing, selling the house, buying a house, unpacking, and starting over.
At my age—forty-three—I’m settled. I like my life. No, I don’t have a lot of free time right now, but it suits me and I enjoy what I do. There’s a great advantage found in a writer’s life, too. We can take off whenever we need to take off. Oh sure, the time away from the desk often comes at a price, but we are still in control of our work schedules, whatever they may be. In short, that’s why moving is on this writer’s mind.  I need to go where my husband will be happy because my career allows for mobility. I can live anywhere and keep my career.
After being up half the night discussing a potential move, I’m sharing a few thoughts with you in hopes you’ll share with me, too. What are your thoughts on a ‘midlife’ move? Any experiences to share?
It’s an exciting time in life with new options on the table. I imagine my husband will insist on a forthcoming move because he’s ready for change today. The chains that bound him for years have finally been removed and he’s like an impatient bird eager to fly. I remember that feeling. I’ve been self-employed for almost a decade but I do remember how it felt to walk off the job and never look back. It’s pretty amazing and the DH definitely has ants in his pants. He’s excited, enthusiastic, and ready for the next chapter in life. For him, it’s time to rock-n-roll. 
As we start the new day, share your ‘moving’ stories with us. Leave a comment before 8PM CST tonight then drop an email to I’ll send you a free eBook as my way of saying ‘thanks’ for sharing your experiences.
Now for the business on the table.  We have a lot of exciting announcements today.
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Coming up this morning, we’re showcasing a review for Savage Lust, a western ménage written by author Gabriella Bradley and reviewed by author Justine Szot.  Put on those chaps and grab your cowboy hats, folks. Author Gabriella Bradley takes us on a scorching-hot ride in Savage Lust.
Make sure you stop by this afternoon, too. We’ll showcase a review written by author Tonya Ramagos for author Clair de Lune’s Initiation. The first book in a super new series, Initiation is a hit you don't want to miss.
Thank you for joining us at Romance Reviews Submitted by Authors. We’re glad you’re here.
Destiny Blaine

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